Letter to Editor to register to protest against Illegal Construction on land meant for a park. English Letter for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students

Letter to Editor to register to protest against Illegal Construction on land meant for a park.

R.C. Wadekar

B-84, Shanti Apartments

Sector IX, Rohini

New Delhi-110085

April 22, 20……….

The Editor

Indian Express

B.S. Zafar Marg

New Delhi-110002

Subject: Construction of a mall on park


Kindly allow me to register my protest at an illegal construction of a proposed mall just in front of our apartment house on land earmarked for a park. For years the children have been using it as a playground. We were told that the open space was meant to be developed as a park for the benefit of the residents. During the last MCD elections, the local winning candidate had specifically assured us that the development of the proposed park would be his priority agenda. Suddenly, a few weeks back some activity was noticed on the open ground. The children were asked not to encroach upon the ground. At first, the residents thought that at last, the work of the development of the park had begun. But how mistaken we were! Then, the truck began to unload bricks, and foundation digging started. A huge board went up telling us that a newfangled Mall was about to grace our neighborhood. The shocked residents wondered about the fate of the park. The authorities gave stock reply ‘We don’t know’ to the inquiries of the residents. When we contacted our local councilor and asked about it he looked baffled. Obviously, he had no idea. He promised to look into the mysterious affair. But that was the last we heard from him. He has gone underground.

Is it yet another example of the nexus between corrupt builders and MCD authorities-cum-engineers? Will the concerned people and chosen representatives of our area tell us what is going on?

Yours faithfully

R.C. Wadekar

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