A Terrible Collision – Latest Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 9, 10, 11, and Students.

A Terrible Collision

The night before the zonal debate competition, I was practicing my part till late at night. Everyone was fast asleep. Even I was planning to go to sleep. Suddenly, there was a loud crash. I jumped out of my bed and rushed out to see the cause of that sound. The sight outside was ghastly. Two cars had collided with each other because of the dense fog. The occupants of both cars were screaming and shouting for help. Other people had also come out of their houses after hearing the sound. In a flash of seconds, everyone started helping the injured. There were four young men in one car who were returning after attending a party while a family was there in the other car. The drivers of both the cars were badly injured. I called up the ambulance service and the police as well. Within no time, the ambulance reached there. It was a tough job taking the passengers out of the front seat as they had got stuck in their seats due to the collision. Many helping hands came forward and finally, all the passengers from both cars were taken out. They were shifted to a nearby hospital. Two people had not received serious injuries so they were asked to inform their family members about the accident. One man from the crowd informed the authorities to send a crane as the cars had blocked the road as well. It took almost one hour for all this. Then I went inside but I could not practice anymore due to the terrible scenes flashing in my mind. The only good thing was that nobody had lost their life and all were safe.

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