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The Problem of Unemployment

Essay No. 01

Unemployment is on the increase and it is the greatest problem that our youth are facing. After they come out of the schools and colleges, what should they do ? There are no jobs for millions of youth that are pouring out of educational institutions every year.

Unemployment is a grave problem before our Government planners. They try to provide jobs to more and more people but the demand exceeds far more than the supply. With the exceeding number of educational institutions and growing popularity of education the problem is becoming more and more serious day by day.

India is basically an agricultural economy. The field of agriculture has not been able to develop to the extent that it would accommodate all the unemployed youth. Our agriculture is still dependent on these very traditional ways of farming and the bit of technology that has entered the field has not been able to develop it manifold. Unless agriculture is modernised with latest Scientific methods it cannot provide bread and butter to all the rural youth and they will continue seeking employment otherwise, outside the bounds of their hereditary profession.

Unemployment is a problem connected with the increase in population. The population of this country is increasing by leaps and bounds. All the steps to control growing population will automatically help in solving the problem of unemployment. Problem of educated unemployment is more serious. The youths coming out with high degrees from the educational Institutions turn hostile while they are not able to get employed. They come on the road and create a law and order problem. The country has not-been able to become so much industrialized as would accommodate the growing number of unemployed youth. Now there is a lot of competition. Only the ablest is absorbed somewhere, the others have to face the wall. There is a lot of pressure on the big cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Bombay and Bangalore because lot of multinational companies have opened their corporate offices in these cities and they employ youths in a good number, but how much ! This cannot solve the grave problem.

This is the age of technology and competition. Age of white collar jobs has gone. You have to work very hard to distinguish yourself in your field then only you can stay or enter otherwise you can be thrown out. The sophisticated machinery has saved lot of manpower and if India has to stand, she has to develop her agriculture and give a deep Phillip to the expansion of Industries as there is a lot of scope in this country for all development. Such a big country like India, if planned well and developed in right earnest has the capacity not only to accommodate all the unemployed of this country but an equal number more can be absorbed keeping in view the bulk of this country and the natural resources which are available here.

It is a good saying that India is a rich country inhabited by the poor. The reason is the poverty, lack of proper planning, corruption and illiteracy. The government has been taking some steps in the right direction as lots of schemes of self-employment have been introduced and the unemployed youths are provided soft loans to open their own ventures. Free training programmes for short-term skills are given to the youth who come out of schools and colleges. There are lots of institutes training students in technologies which help them secure jobs in the professional fields. Many new fields generating employments to numerous youths have come up like films and media, fashion and design. More and more fields are coming up but still the problem of unemployed seems alarming. With the growing development of this country it is hoped that the future of India is bright. Almost all the developed countries of the world look towards this country for better market of their goods given the bulk of this country and the scope for its development.

Essay No. 02

The Problem of Unemployment

India’s greatest problem these days can be said of unemployment. There are millions of educated people in our country who are without a job despite having good professional degrees like engineering, medical and similar ones.

There are many causes which have led to unemployment problem in our country. The first! is the enormous increase in population. It has been estimated that about six million children are born every day in our country. To manage this, family planning is a must, which can lead to reduce the unemployment rate in future.

The second main cause is the low purchasing power of the people which means people have low income but the prices are very high. Thus employed people are not in a position to buy much, so the demands for goods which are manufactured are less. This leads to retrenchment of labours leading in unemployment.

Another reason is the slow pace of the industrial development due to which the economic development is also slow, so the industries cannot provide employment to the increasing number of people.

Unemployment is a very serious problem. It brings starvation, misery and causes dishonesty and corruption among the people. Unemployment is thus becoming a major economic and social problem.

With a little help from Government, the unemployed people will, not only, become successful but it would also save them from becoming puppets in the hands of anti social elements. By employing these educated people the possibilities of violence, unrest and turmoil could also be greatly minimised. It is in the national interest that the employment be provided to the educated.

Moreover it is a great national wastage of human resource if these strong hands of educated youth do not find worthy work inspite of capabilities. Besides, this manpower can do wonders provided its potential is tapped by the Government and the Private Sector. There should be no doubt about the power, capabilities and strength of the educated humans

Moreover, education should be made oh oriented so that as soon as a person has finished his education in the case of non availability of job he can start his own line of work.

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