English Essay on “A Visit to The Factory” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

A Visit to The Factory

Chocolate — the very mention of it makes us want to have them & bring water in our mouth. It’s one thing we want to have more and more, especially children.

Do you know from what is this favourite thing made? Chocolate actually comes from a tree! It comes from the bean of cocoa tree. It was the Aztec of Mexico who first made a cocoa- bean drink, which became popular and later took shape of chocolate which we enjoy today.

Our school decided to take us to the chocolate factory and we were all excited. Once inside the factory. the first thing which none of us missed was the sweet and uplifting smell of chocolates.

The guide took us in, where there were big machines, huge bowl like containers, pipes, big trays and moulds. He explained that first cocoa beans are left in a wet place for a few days and when it turns rich brown in colour and begin to smell like chocolate, they are dried & cleaned. In the factory the beans are roasted in huge bowls and ground into paste. The paste had a fatty yellow liquid called ‘cocoa butter’. He showed and explained taking us to the next bowl. A lot of sugar and milk is added to the cocoa paste, heated to a particular temperature and the paste becomes thick. Then it was poured in to big moulds of different shapes in it and cooled. He showed us the finished chocolate bars and it was ready to eat Children had water in their mouth. But before it went to the shops, we were shown how they are wrapped into colourful and attractive wrappers, sealed and packed into boxes to be transported. All were done by machines and helped by people. It was indeed the sweetest visit to a place and before we left we were given those tempting brown chocolates to enjoy.


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