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Essay No. 01

Terrorism is a system of frightening people, to make them do what the terrorists want. Senator Denton has called it ‘the most widely practised form of modern warfare”. These activities of Terrorism are neither fashionable and fascinating nor are romantic fights for freedom but are criminal actions. The motives behind terrorism may be personal or political. Whatever the motives of the terrorists may be, they affect the National Integration.

Terrorism is derived from the word “Terror” which means “extreme fear”. The persons who make atmosphere of extreme fear among masses are called terrorists. Such types of activities is called terrorism. The aim of a terrorist is to spread terror among people. They kill those persons or officials who oppose their evil deeds. Thus they create an atmosphere of terror to suit their designs.

Today, terrorism is a world-wide problem ranging from aircraft hijacking, planting of bombs in air craft’s, brutal killing of opponents and innocent people by the terrorists are heard every day from far and near. It is often seen that terrorist groups whether in India or Sri Lanka or elsewhere in the world, receive money, weapons and training from other foreign countries. These terrorists have unlimited access to sophisticated weapons. They believe that the highest form of revolutionary terrorism should utilize the most advanced science and technology.

In India, terrorism struck in the recent past in one form or another, especially in Punjab, Assam, Darjeeling and other States. Now recently it began showing teeth in Kashmir also. These people are directly being sponsored by a neighbouring country. It has put the people in extreme difficulties wherever the menace has erupted. The newspapers are filled with reports of violence, murder, explosion, shooting. In these terrorist activities hundreds of innocent men and women are killed. Many official buildings are either destroyed or burnt to ashes, for no reason. Today it looks uncertain how long this lust for blood will continue. But it is rather obvious that these people have no other reason for the terrorist activities than creating menace among the people.

Terrorism is the main problem of our country this time. Steps should be taken to tackle the situation peacefully. The people involved in it are mostly our own people, our own blood. They have some misconceptions and misunderstandings. These can be solved by getting them on the negotiation table.

Several steps are now taken all over the world to control these activities like establishment of anti-terrorist forces to battle terrorism. The countries like Britain, Russia, and Germany have their own anti-terrorist forces. India has also established such forces to fight to terrorists. India has also established such forces to fight the terrorism. The police and sundry Para military forces have been present in certain areas of the country where violence is at worst. India has not taken steps to check the terrorism in her own country but also helped her neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka to fight them.

A day is not far away when these terrorist activities will come to an end. As whenever any other country has tried to threaten India’s integrity, India has always responded positively to maintain the dignity of her motherland: which she has got after years of struggle.

Essay No. 02


Evil of Terrorism

Terrorism is political violence. When an organization fails to get its demands conceded, it gets frustrated. It loses faith in negotiations and table-talks. It gives up peaceful and non-violent means and takes to violent means. It wants quick results in its favor. The members of the organization come to believe not in the force of argument but in the argument of force.

Terrorism has many forms. Kidnapping, hijacking, sabotage, assassination, looting, derailment etc are some of its forms. The terrorists have no fear of any law. They are not afraid of their own death. They have no respect for any person howsoever great he may be. They have no love for mankind. They have no sympathy for the sufferers. They are devoid of noble feelings. They are beasts in the body of human beings.

Terrorists kill innocent people. They explode bombs near the shrines. They aim at spreading disaffection among members of different communities. They cause derailment of trains. They hijack buses and kill the passengers mercilessly. They kidnap men, women and children and demand huge ransom for their release. They also hijack aero-planes and make life gloomy and risky.

Terrorism must be checked at all costs. Public opinion should be formed against it. All the peace-loving countries should unite and wage a war against it. It is not confined to one country but it is an international phenomenon. Any country which patronizes terrorists should be isolated. No mercy of any kind should be shown to them. Terrorism is fast spreading. The sooner we put an end to it, the better it would be for the whole humanity.

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