Essay on “The Blessings of Science”, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Blessings of Science

The twentieth century was the age of science. Science has flourished a lot during this century. It has brought out wonderful changes in every walk of our life. It has increased human comfort by giving a lot of new things of daily use. In the olden days everything was being made through manual work which was taking more time. The manufacturing cost was also coming high. Science has brought tremendous change in our working. The things are now being produced with machines with remarkable quantity and quality that we are getting early and at cheap rates in the market.

Science has invented various means of telephonic communication which are very useful in our every-day life. In fact, fast communication system has speeded up our working. Maximum work is being carried out through communication. Those were the days, when man was going long distance even for petty works. The communication system has been so advanced that we are getting a lot of things done through communication without any loss of time. There has been a revolution in the field of communication technology which has made the world very small.

There was a time when man was going from one place to another by walking irrespective of its distance. He was facing rains sun, winter and summer on the way of his journey. He was sometime facing security hazard when passing through difficult route. Science has created various means of swift transportation for moving from one place to another and conquering time and distance. It has made the journey comfortable and pleasurable. There are a number of options available to-day for choosing the transport for journey. Over and above, there are a number of luxury transports available today which can make the journey smooth, safe, luxurious, entertaining and pleasing. Railway trains and aero planes are being increasingly used for travelling over the distant places. Man can circle the world now within no time. The globe has shrunken and entire world has become like a small family. The journey by sea route has now become easy and common. Though enough goods are being transported within the country by rail, the capacity for transporting the goods by ships is incomparable. Maximum goods are being sent to oversee by ships. This mode of transportation has played a big role for making our foreign trade successful and earning a handsome foreign exchange. This is the age of globalization and India is firmly attached with global market as a fast competitor. The role of ships has been very important in this regard.

Science has introduced a number of things which are being used by man in his every-day life. Television, refrigerator, air-conditioner, washing machine, fans, electric cooking utensils; and mixture grinding are the common items which are the gifts of science. These items have brought out the mechanization in working at home. Man feels easy, comfortable by using these items. Man is not drinking water without getting it filtered. His wants are increasing day-by-day for making his life more comfortable.

The greatest blessing of science is its invention in the field of medicine and surgery. People used to suffer from many diseases and there was no effective medicine for cure. There was no treatment or surgery for severe injuries. Science has created number of medicines, medical equipments and machines. There are the machines by which the doctor can study about the internal organs and prescribe treatment correctly. There has been a big advancement in the field of medicine and surgery. The technology is changing very fast in this field. Science is creating sophisticated equipments, machines and devices one after another. which are facilitating for carrying out the treatment in an easy manner. Science has invented treatment for almost all the diseases. Medical science has overpowered the dread diseases and has reduced the death rate in the modern age. The advancement of medical science is facilitating the surgeons for carrying out the major operations early, safely and successfully. The medical science has advanced so much that the organs of one human body are being transplanted to another successfully and life is being saved. Major operation can be performed now and broken limbs set right without any pain to the patient. There has really been a wonderful development in the field of medical science. The surgeon is able today to replace the parts of body with artificial ones for restoring the function of the organs in the body.

India is the second most populated country of the world. Its major occupation is agriculture. Indian farmer was using wooden plough and all the work was being carried out manually. Its production rate was low. He was depending on monsoon. His economic condition and standard of living were very poor. It is science which has blessed us with a number of tools, machines, tractors, fertilizers, insecticides and scientifically developed seeds. The production of agriculture has increased many times. We are self-sufficient today. India is exporting good quantity of foodgrains and is earning handsome foreign currency. It has a very important role for the growing Indian economy. It has also a positive effect for improving the economic condition and standard of living of the farmers. The improved circumstances have brought the awareness among the farmers for the education of their children and earning good position in the society. It is science which has made this profession lucrative and dependable. The youth of the day is attracted by virtue of its modernization and is choosing it as a career.

There has been a revolution in the field of industries which has led to its modernization. Our industries are producing the goods of world class. We are capable of competing with the global market. India’s export and foreign trade have undergone a complete change, because of qualitative and quantitative production in our modernised industries. The machines and technology are changing very frequently for getting better production. If we see the global scenario of the products, it really convinces us that science has played a wonderful role in the field of quality production and trading.

The greatest blessing which science has given for mankind is electricity. Electricity has changed the way of living and working of man. Man is working with the help of machines which are operated with electricity. The machines are giving much more output in less time. Electricity is used for operating many useful things at home like fan, cooler, refrigerator, washing machine, oven, TV, radio, music system, grinding machine and so-on. All these items have made the life of a man comfortable, luxurious and interesting.

The blessings of science must be respected. Our scientists must be encouraged for new inventions for enabling man to enjoy more and become more capable and competitive in the coming days in this fast moving world.

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