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Student Serve the Nation

The areas where the students are required to contribute are divided into a number of major segments. The progress and reputation of the country get ensured only when we do well in these spheres. The important fields are agriculture, education, health care, defence, development, corporate sector, research and development, science and technology, trade and commerce, sports, and so on.

India is world-wide famous for agriculture. Majority of the people are working in the farms. They are feeding the whole nation. Their sole source of income is agriculture. A farmer does very hard work. India’s economy depends on agriculture. But the Indian farmer is still poor despite a time lapse of 60 years of its independence. The production of crop and other eatable items is not satisfactory as our farmers are cultivating through old system. The farmers suffer many times, when there is no rain. They face many other problems related to electricity, seeds, fertilizers and insecticides. Most of the farmers are illiterate and lack ability for approaching the authorities concerned to get the problems solved. Government has given many facilities and subsidies for farmers. But the irony is that they are not aware and are unable to make good use of the facilities. There is a big problem of unemployment. which the country is facing today. There is a lot of scope for making the profession of agriculture attractive by sorting out the basic problems of farmers and increasing the productivity. The countries of the world like Japan, Canada, the United States, Germany and so on, have shown tremendous progress in the field of agriculture. Every inch of land in these countries has been brought under the plough for increasing agricultural production. They grow the saplings with scientific method, use modernized machines, healthy seeds, good quality of fertilizers and latest insecticides. The educated youth is adopting agriculture as a profession. The youngsters of these countries are hardly unemployed as there is a big scope for employment in the field of agriculture. Why can’t we follow that kind of system in India for making this field profitable. Many young men passing out from the schools and the colleges can make cultivation their career. They are educated and are well aware about the modem system and can achieve better productivity and earn good money out of it. They would he capable to work with dedication, energetic efforts and dynamic approach for giving an industrial shape to agriculture is the student community, which can takeover this work with the aim of bringing green revolution in the field of agriculture. It will make this profession attractive and the youth of the country can rely upon the growing agriculture.

The progressive agricultural system in India will absorb a maximum number of educated youth in it, which will be a key for boosting productivity, country’s economy and the status of agriculturists on the other hand. It will also reduce unemployment problem of the country.

Education is another important aspect for the country like India. Our country was kept backward for a long time by British rulers, because of their selfish attitude. The youth of the day understands the necessity of education. They know that education empowers and helps in streamlining the progress. An educated man can make a good use of his skill and can prove himself better than others. He can contribute for the nation too and can inspire the new generation to follow.

The arrangements of health care in our country are not adequate. There is an acute shortage of good hospitals and competent doctors. The existing hospitals are required to be modernized with advanced technology for easy treatment. There is no doubt that this profession has become attractive as a good number of intelligent students are going to adopt this profession. There is a problem of brain-drain, which has been prevailing for a long time in our country. Doctors and other professionals who are highly qualified are going abroad for good salary and better working conditions there in foreign countries. In the real sense of patriotism all the doctors and other experts can take pledge to extend their services within their country provided their salary and other facilities are reasonably enhanced. They can compromise a bit with the circumstances for the sake of the nation. However, there is a liberty for student community including doctors who can raise the voice for better salary and better working conditions in the country. The student community always succeeded in getting their genuine demands materialized as and when they were made during the past through genuine representation or collective movements in a peaceful manner.

Students are the backbone of any nation. During time of emergency, such as war, famine, flood, earthquake, storm and other kind of natural calamities, the countrymen look towards the youth and the student community. They have done a lot by helping the people in the past. If we recall the flood like situation in Mumbai on 26 July, 2005, the students played a remarkable role for guiding and rescuing the affected people. The students in India have demonstrated their services on the national call every time. A good number of students are being given training on military matters under N. C. C. for making them able to assist the people and the nation for security during internal as well as external disturbances. Many trained students are joining the army with the aim of serving the nation in a better way.

If we look at Indo-China operation of 1962 and Kargil war with Pakistan during 1998, a large number of students joined armed forces with the aim of defending the nation. A number of other students gave an assurance to the countrymen ensuring country’s defence by expressing their free will for joining military on the national call for winning the war and defending their motherland. The youth by virtue of their youthfulness are best suited for tough jobs, which is actually required during war and other calamities. They undergo any type of sacrifices not only in the armed forces, but also in the para militaries and the police forces in the national interest. The Indian youth have made a number of sacrifices for national causes during the past even as a common citizen of the country.

India is a progressing country. We have yet to carry out a lot of work in all the sectors. We are responsible to ensure the well-being of our countrymen. The common man is in need of the facilities of roads, electricity and drinking water_ A student today understands that engineering is a good profession, where he has the multifaceted role, which he can play by extending his services to the people for their convenience. A man of engineering profession can carry out a number of time bound and prestigious national projects for the betterment of the people. There is a big role of those students, who qualify to be the technocrats. They can carry out specialized job in the factories for better production which increase the export and foreign currency for the nation. Many talented students are getting opportunity to work inindustries and factories, which are manufacturing latest equipments, arms, ammunitions and developed military vehicles for meeting the requirements of fighting a modern war. A patriot can do his best particularly during the time of war, when these factories work round the clock to feed their products in bulk and within a short time to meet immediate military requirement.

The students who are extremely intelligent are choosing research work as their first choice in the capacity of scientists. The scientist has a great role in the modern age to give a new look to the nation and make it capable for competing globally. In today’s scenario, the world is moving very fast. The technology is changing fast. It is the scientist who is discovering something new for meeting the requirement of human beings of modern times. The scientist also plays a vital role to enable the country to be self-sufficient in the field of science and technology. India is progressing very fast in all the fields by virtue of its remarkable advancement the country is very much in the emerging world order. Maximum credit goes to the youth and the scientists of the country.

Sports are the activities, which are generally carried out by the students in schools and colleges. India has already made an image in many games and sports at international level. We have been succeeding by getting honour and brightening the name of our country on many occasions through best performance within as well as outside the country.

The students play an important and a dynamic role on all the national calls in a natural and responsible manner. It may be war or disaster or any other kind of call, they always played a remarkable role. Whenever the honour and freedom of the country fell into danger, they came forward and protected it by giving the last drop of their blood. The students are very active in day today’s politics too and they are playing a decisive role in the country’s politics within the democratic norms.

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