English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Adham Khan’s Tomb” Full Essay.

Adham Khan’s Tomb

One of the many tombs situated in the Mehrauli region of New Delhi is Adham Khan’s Tomb. Built by Akbar, the tomb is beside the walls of Lal Kot (Qutab Minar) and it rises from a terrace enclosed by an octagonal wall provided with towers at the corners.

Adham Khan was the son of a wet nurse of Akbar. He was an official in Akbar’s administration. In 1562, Adham Khan killed Atoga Khan. When the news reached Akbar, he ordered that Khan would be thrown down from the ramparts of Agra Fort. Mahan Anga, the mother of Adham Khan, too died out of grief of her son’s death. Thereafter, Akbar erected the tomb where both mother and son were buried.

The tomb is in Lodhi architectural style. The domed octagonal chamber is erected on a wide verandah stretched in three sides. Each side has three gates without Chhajja. The walls and openings are very similar to each other and, therefore, visitors often lose their way after entering the tomb. Hence, it is also known as Bhul-bhulaiyan.

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