10 Lines on “The Wolf and the Lamb” English Moral Story for Kids and Students of Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

10 Lines on “The Wolf and the Lamb”

  1. One day a lamb was drinking water on the bank of a river.
  2. On the upper side, a wolf also was drinking water.
  3. When the wolf saw the lamb, his mouth watered.
  4. The wolf wanted to eat it up. He wanted to make some excuse for it.
  5. He said, “Why are you making the water muddy? Don’t you see I am drinking it?”
  6. The lamb said, “Sir, the water is flowing from you to me. How can I make it muddy?”
  7. Then the wolf said, “Why did you abuse me last year?” The lamb replied, “Sir, I was not born last year.”
  8. “Then it must be your father or mother.
  9. I will not forgive you.” Saying this, the wolf sprang upon the lamb.
  10. He tore him to pieces and ate him up.

Moral: Any excuse is good enough for a wicked person.

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