Write a letter to your father, giving a reply to his previous letter “that his marriage has been fixed”.

Write a letter to your father, giving a reply to his previous letter “that his marriage has been fixed”.

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20 May……

Revered Father

I hope this letter of mine will find you in cheerful spirits and sound health. When I received your letter dated 18 May, I was planning with my class-fellows to go on a trip to Nepal. On reading the letter I felt undone. It seemed to have taken away the very spirit of mine. I had never dreamed that such a profound and vital part of my life like marriage would be tackled by you in this manner. Maybe, these harsh words of mine hurt your feelings. It is true that Kanu Priya is quite well-known to me and she has been my childhood companion too. I have spent a major part of my time at her house. I cannot forget the tender love of aunt also. Kanu’s naughtiness still looms large before my eyes. But, papa, I never looked upon her as my life partner. I have always treated her as if she were my sister, like Kumud. When once I have showered my affections upon her as a brother does upon his sister, don’t you think it will be a great sin to think of her as my life companion? I’ll never do such a heinous deed intentionally. Without any delay, you can familiarize Babu Gopi Nath with my total refusal to this alliance.

There is another marriage proposal before me. The girl is my classmate. She is beautiful and good-natured. She belongs to a well-off family. Her father has a woollen mill in Nepal. Since she is the only daughter of her father, I shall be expected to help him in his business. Hence earning my livelihood is no problem for me. Her parents have agreed to our marriage. Tomorrow I shall leave for Nepal with Suman and many other class-fellows.

On returning from there, I shall intimate you about the remaining things also. I hope you will give no weightage to my dissent.

With kind regards to you and mummy. Convey my tender love to Kumud.

Your loving son


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