Essay on “Who and Where is God?” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Who and Where is God?

GOD is an oft heard anchor for every human being. However, it is also absolutely true that, no one, yes no one has ever seen God, seen HIM. Thus the obvious question that arises in the mind that thinks is who is God and if he exists where is HE?

In these days of scientific and technological advancement, people are apt to say that God’s existence is just a myth, just a belief for the weak minds to dwell upon. It is just a belief that, only the uneducating and unlettered people treasure, and, that there is no one of the name and fame of God. Yes, it is undoubtedly very true that God cannot be seen by any human being and since we should believe in the adage “seeing is believing”, there is no room for the belief that God is an entity. With this backdrop we are very rightly asking the question about the fact or fiction of the existence of God.

God as an identity, an individual, as an item of respect or fear does not apparently exist but, let us understand that for those who do not believe or do not want to believe there is no explanation to convince. For those who do believe in His existence there is no need for a proof. If this is the crux of the problem it is proved that, the existence or non-existence of God is purely a matter of faith. With this argument, the nonbeliever would ask the next obvious question, i.e. how do we get faith or belief in God’s existence?

To these people I ask a simple question. Can they explain how nature itself took birth? Who gave birth to nature? Was it a scientist or a technologist who made the Sun, the Moon and the Stars etc? HE is seen everywhere in several forms of nature and life in the sea, on land and in the air. Who made all this is my question to the progressing scientist? The scientists and technical people are using these items, finding out more and more knowledge about them but, the creation of all these is a fact but the creator a myth. It is very obvious that there is some creator of all that is in nature and, it is this creator of nature called by man, God. The scientist or technologist cannot deny the existence of nature, he cannot deny that someone must have made all this, and, if he has not made it all, then WHO? If we do not like to use the word God for the creator call him by any name you may like but there is no denial to the fact that nature is made by someone whom we have not found till today.

The next question that we now encounter is if God does exist, where is HE, why does HE not become visible for man to believe in HIM. If we understand the basic that all nature is created by God, his whereabouts are not far to seek. HE is thus everywhere and in everything, including the hearts of even non-believers. Regarding life itself, we know that it consists of elements of nature only created by God Himself. Thus arguing to the end we can prove that the creator or God is within us in the form of the elements of which we are made. Thus, it is HE who gives life and also sustains us, it is very scientific and not only a blind faith.

Thus, God is the ultimate creator of all nature and life that we all see all around us. HE prevails in every item that exists in our environment. No matter how much scientists and technologists deny the existence of God/Creator let us not forget that we are living, growing, prospering and dying with and without HIS gifts of nature. I am sure that no technical advancement will ever be able to create a mountain, an ocean, a sun or a moon. They may be able to study all about them but can they create them, NO I’m sure.

In the final analysis we have to understand that there is certainly some power that is greater than us – give it any name but its existence cannot be brushed aside.

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