Essay on “Travelling in an Overcrowded Bus” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Travelling in an Overcrowded Bus

Travelling in an overcrowded bus is an ordeal, an act of bravery and stamina. One’s patience is stretched to the maximum. A first time passenger in such a bus cannot but weep.

Once I had to wait for a particular local bus. One bus came but it was overloaded. I could not gather enough strength to board it. After some time another bus came It was equally overcrowded. I had no choice but to board it. It was packed to full capacity. A host of passengers wanted to board it. I held the handle and a big push saw me inside the bus. I was on its floor. The bus gathered speed and I could not get down either.

With great difficulty and tolerating abuses from fellow-passengers I balanced myself. Inside the bus it was suffocating. Mixed smell of sweat and perspiration pierced into my nostrils. To find a place to stand erect I must have trod on many feet. I was sandwiched. The driver knowingly applied brakes to enjoy the sandwiching. I fell onto the lap of a lady passenger. She saw towards me with eyebrows twisted. I uttered my apologies but she went on muttering abuses.

A hefty man was to get down and his destination was coming nearer. He pushed me to one side vigorously. I landed on a college girl. She raised a hue and cry and created a scene. People called me ‘ruffian’. I had to tolerate all this. At every stop people who boarded the bus were more than those who left.

The conductor was enjoying his puffs of a bidi but it was difficult for me to breathe properly. My destination was coming near. I made my way by pushing many passengers by my elbow. They shouted at me but I did not see towards them. I was near the driver’s cabin but I found nothing to hold on. I placed both my hands on the mesh to balance myself alighted from the bus and took a long breath.

I composed myself. Lo, my pocket had been picked. My clothes got crumpled, my shoes went out of shape and my body ached a lot. I was totally tired. This tiresome experience taught me a lot. I found myself physically, mentally and economically bankrupt. I took a pledge never again to travel by an overcrowded bus.

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