Essay on “Shivaji” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.


Essay No. 01

Shivaji was born in a hill fortress in the Western Ghats and brought up by his mother Jija Bai. His father was an officer in the army of the Sultan of Bijapur and was mostly away on duty. Jija Bai was a religious and brave woman and told Shivaji stories of the heroes of ancient India. Shivaji learnt shooting and riding as a hobby and as a young man was successful in capturing Bijapur and establishing the Maratha Empire in large tracts of land in the Deccan.

He then pitted his strength against the Moghals and for twenty years held back Aurangzeb’s armies. He was a master of the guerilla art of warfare. Even when he was-arrested he managed to escape in a basket of sweets. He went home and once again took over the rule of the Maratha Empire.

He brought about many reforms and broke the power of the richer sections. He looked after the interests of his people and protected them. He had many good qualities and was a just and kind ruler. Today, he is revered as a national hero.

Essay No. 02

Shivaji-An Indian Hero

One of the most worthy and remarkable personalities of Indian history is Shivaji. He was a great Maratha ruler who fought bravely against Mughals.

Shivaji was born in 1627 to Shahji and Jija Bai. His mother played a significant role in Shivaji’s life as it was she who had moulded him in early childhood and infused him with a burning love for his motherland.

From his childhood days Shivaji was fearless, brave, intelligent, shrewd, and a very patriotic. He decided to liberate his country from the domination of the Muslim rule by making a small army of chieftains, landlords and common people.

Aurangzeb’s pride was wounded when Shivaji conquered the state of Bijapur and other Mughal territories. So he sent Shaista Khan, but he was defeated by Shivaji. Once when Aurangzeb made him a prisoner using his shrewd mind he escaped from the prison in a basket of fruits. After that incident, Auragzeb’s attempts to imprison Shivaji failed.

During battles Shivaji did not capture women, children or old people and thus he observed the cannons of morality in his behaviour.

He was praised for his generous nature not only by the common masses but by the people of Aurangzeb’s court also. Even the French envoy

Monsieur Germaine paid tributes to the secular greatness and humanitarianism of Shivaji.

Shivaji is known as the “Defender of the Hindu Religion”. He was a fearless and a brave soldier, who protected Hindus from the clutches of the Muslim rulers and established the Maratha Raj. He was a true hero of this land during his times and remains even after his death.

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