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National Integration

Essay No. 01

A country that has the craze for self-rule and in which all the communities consider itself as one is called a nation. Economic independence, culture, language, and territorial integration are the ties of a nation. There is a feeling of oneness, unity, and commonness in it. India is a country where ‘National Integration’ is heard most. There has been political disunity, and the rise and fall of various empires. Different languages are spoken here. People have different food habits. Different religions are propagated here. But Indian culture and customs have united the Indians and promoted a feeling of oneness and common citizenship.

National Integration is a psychological process. It means a well-knit society in which all are loyal to their country. It means that every Indian irrespective of caste, creed, language, or religion belongs to India and is proud of his country. National Integration is very important for the all-round development of the country. In fact, its existence depends on it.

There are different climates in India. Food habits are different, crops are different and there is a difference in faiths and beliefs. They wear different dresses. Even the Indian customs and conventions are vast and varied. The people pursue different sects and religions. There is a difference even in the lands. The northern area is very fertile. There are hills and mountain ranges here. In the south, there are deserts, barren lands, and plateaus.

As a result, its soil is different infertility and nature. The taste and temperament, color, features are all different. There are fanatic people who create communal disturbances in the name of religion, Casteism, Provincialism is also rampant in our society. Sectarianism and communalism disrupt our inner harmony. The States have been created on the basis of language formula.

In spite of all the diversity of culture, India stands united. It is because our constitution was so designed to give equal rights to people of every religion, sect, area, sex, and culture. We cannot forget the noble service done to this country by Late Sardar Vallahbhai Patel in this direction. He was the iron man of India who wrought miracles by unifying all the numerous States of India after the partition. National Integration is essentially needed to keep India alive. We cannot allow disintegration of any kind. It is our prestige.

There are forces now who resort to communalism, provincialism, and parochialism. They have their vested interests. They do not stand for India. They want it to disintegrate. They are tools in the hands of some foreign elements. They do not like to see India united and strong. Pakistan and Bangladesh are the recent creations carved out of India. We cannot bear further divisions. We have to crush the movements of secession with a strong hand.

Let us promote national integration by doing everything that is possible. Let us encourage all the forces of patriotism along with the promotion of good-will and mutual trust among people of different areas, castes, religions. A sincere effort by sincere politicians and religious leaders will be a positive step in this direction. Any negative activity in this regard should be taken seriously and sincere efforts to go to its roots and sort out grievances of different sections of people is essential before things go out of control.

Essay No. 02

National Integration

National Integration means a feeling of oneness, unity, harmony, love, coordination, and cooperation among the people. The British policy of “Divide and Rule” had led to a number of conflicts between communities on different issues and people were even slaughtered in the name of religion.

National integration in a way means cementing all the Indians into one single nation. People should be prepared always to sacrifice themselves for their country and the bond of nationality should overrule the issue of caste, language, and religion. From ancient times we can see India fell under foreign attacks whenever its people quarreled with each other.

Nowadays it is the political parties who exploit the sentiments of the people in terms of region, caste, or language for their own benefit because political power is all, that is on their minds.

The prosperity and safety of our country depend upon the level of national integration. We have so much variation-region, culture, and language-wise that no substantial progress could be made or maintained till we felt and acted as one.

National integration should be attained gradually and progressively and not mechanically. This can be achieved by directing education on secular lines and also the communal parties should be banned. There should also be National Integration Committees at various levels.

Moreover, national integration cannot be brought about by hollow speeches or slogans. The sense of unity must spring from the hearts of people. People should also realize that separative thinking is harmful and it will go against their very existence.

Therefore masses must realize that their and their country’s welfare is interlinked.

Essay No. 03

National Integration

Lack of national integration is the most important problem faced by India. It means a feeling of oneness harmony, unity and love, and cooperation among the people.

The British policy of Divide and Rule led to a number of religious outfits. It is the political parties that exploit the religious sentiments of the people in terms of region, caste, language, and religion for their own benefit because they do not bother about their country.

The prosperity and safety of our country depend upon national integration because the prosperity of different states means prosperity of India on the whole. To win one should fight collectively irrespective of religion. National Integration has to be brought gradually and progressively. This can be achieved by directing education to secularism and the communal parties should also be banned. And there should also be national integration councils at the various levels.

National integration cannot be brought about by speeches and slogans but it must grow itself from the masses.

Masses should therefore stay clear from disintegration as it is harmful to their very existence.


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