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Computer: A Boon or A Bane

“Computer is not a magical device. It possess no I.Q. or intelligence of its own. Its I.Q. is zero. It has to be told what to perform and in what sequence. Hence only the user can determine what task a computer will perform. A computer can’t take any decision at its own until it is programmed to do so. These are some mechanical deficiency of the computers, but in addition to these technical flaws, the invention of computer has adversely affected the human function, the social economic fabric of the nation.”

Today, there is hardly any corner of our life left unaffected by the computers. We find the computers working everywhere in schools, banks, shops, hospitals, restaurants, post offices, government offices, railway or bus reservation counters, travel companies and all such utility service departments. The word computer comes from the word “Computer” that means to calculate. But now-a-day more than 80% of the work done by computer is of non -mathematical or non -numerical nature. Hence a computer may be defined as a device that operates upon information or data. The fact that the computers process data is so fundamental that many people have started calling it a data processor. The name date processor is more comprehensive as it covers not only the computing work but also performs other functions with the data like, processing, merging, sorting, printing etc.

Computer has brought about an amazing revolution in the life around. In the present day world, its use, now it so appears, has become a necessity, and has created for itself an indispensability whether one goes to a railway station or to an airport for reservations; goes to the market for purchases or to any bank to withdraw money or to know the balance of one’s account-on the table or the counter is the computer telling one in no time all the details that one wants to know. Does it not look wonderful that sitting in one city up north one can get his reservation in trains done or cancelled in deep south of one’s country thousands of miles away; or to perform the same feat in one’s air-travels from one country to another. Messages can be transmitted in the twinkling of any eye on E-mail or fax letters which used to take days and even weeks sometimes are sent and delivered right her and now. Money can be withdrawn from one’s account by just pressing the button of the booth of our bank by the road side, sliding into it one’s account number card and crisp notes are available in another slot of the same machine no hassles of presenting the cheque, asking for the balance or getting the payment everything so automatic and so quick. In the busy world as of today, going busier every day, such ready service is saving so much time, so much energy, so much manpower which can be better utilized in some other profitable pursuit. In the medical science, particularly in the field of Surgery, unthinkable and unimaginable feats are being performed-all with the help of computerized gadgets.

Today the computer has become corner stone of our industrial and scientific development. The computers have shrunk the world into a room. In all walks of life from manufacturing of a small item, to explorations of ocean and space, computer are being used extensively. Robots are being used in study of volcanoes in space research, In medical science, remotely commanded by the computers. This omnipotent device has taken entry into such diverse areas, like sports, agriculture, medicine, business, space, ocean that has become an indispensable gadget. No works of art or any great scripture or the shakes spearman tragedies have had so spasmodic effect on human society than the computer making the present world totally dependent on it. Rightly said by someone that since the existence of human on earth, it has never encountered anything as complex and ingeniously designed, as compute. “Computer is a person, unable to walk, but its mind transcends the barriers of space,” retorted Dr. Stephen. It is indeed an example of the excellence of human mind, which had done wonders and made the creator himself slave to a great extent.

There are several fields in which computers may be used or applied such as business application, scientific applications, medical, engineering, educational programmes. Computerized information collected and feed while investigating cases helps the law and order agencies. Libraries or museums have in the computer a ready reckoner of their data; of the number and nature of specimen or books available which otherwise would have meant a herculean effort earlier.

But every invention has its merits and demerits, and so the computer is no exception. Computer is a device having no feeling. It is devoid of emotions and instincts as it is simply a machine, have no soul or heart. Computer can’t make any decision at its own. The judgment is based on the instructions given to it’s by the user. Although man has succeeded in building a memory for the computer but no computer possesses the equivalent of a human heart. A computer can’t judge good or bad effects or its decision.

The invention of nuclear weapons, most destructive in nature, worships, space ships have been made possible with the invention of computers. Had there been no computers, the world of today would not have been on the climax of destruction. Push of one button cah ruin any country and is sufficient to destroy the millions and billions of innocent people. Today the so called developed countries are using the computers, busy in inventing newer technology of modern war-fare. The use of missiles, dropping of nuclear bombs, destroying the basic amenities, communication system of any nation has become so easy that they have started using them for aggrandizement of their imperialistic motives.

Although the computer on one side helped the mankind to solve many serious problems yet on the other side it has put the world at the verge of destruction. In spite of that it is not at all the fault of the computer itself. It is a machine which carries on the orders of the user, therefore, fault lies with the user not with the computer. Summarily computer has worked out the most challenging problems like energy crisis, cancer research, water purification, and helped man to explore the space, ocean and other hidden secrets of the universe. The computer is a boon or a bane depends, on its use. If used for the benefits of the mankind it is a boon, if used for the evil purpose, it is a bane. Remember the story of Alladin and Genie, Genie obeys order of Alladin, whether wrong or right, good or bad, in the same way, the computer obeys the orders and instructions of its user

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