Essay on “An Indian Beggar” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

An Indian Beggar

Essay No. 01

India is number one as far as beggar-population is concerned. Our sacraments, our religious feelings, our craze for salvation and nice birth when we take rebirth, hate for manual labour, unemployment and disabilities give birth and incentive to begging. We think beggar is an object of pity as he has no means of livelihood. Unclad and unfed he awakens our sympathy. He wanders stretching his hand before others. He is exposed to the elements. His living place is foot-path and pavement. His miserable condition melts the hearts of the people to give him a coin, used clothes and a crust of bread. Eatables, we can’t eat, are given to the beggar. It is O.K. as far as help to the disabled is concerned. But to feed able-bodied is to make the beggars parasites. Today begging has become a social disease. Begging is infectious. Coins without doing anything make beggars addicted to begging. Only social awareness that alms-givers are the real culprits can go a long way in curbing begging. Rehabilitation of the disabled should be given priority. For the time being we can safely say that Indian beggar is omnipresent and ever-green. His tribe is on the increase. Begging reflects the real standing of a country.

Essay No. 02

An Indian Beggar

Begging is a very common practice in India. One finds beggars here, there and everywhere. They besmear their faces with ash. They put on rags. They hold begging bowls in their hands. They produce Gainful cries as if they were really in deep trouble. Whenever any passerby happens to pass, they try to extract a rupee or two from him.

Beggars choose places of vintage for begging. They are seen in large number near religious places. Some go from door to door for begging alms. They are also seen at the railway stations and bus stands. They will not leave you until you part with some money. They will follow you wherever you go. Sometimes it becomes a problem to get rid of them.

Beggars are both genuine and ungenuine but most of the beggars are fake. They become beggars because they are shirkers. They don’t want to work. Begging is an easy way of making money. Some people have made begging their business. They are parasite on society. They are a burden on the economy of the country.

Beggars are not self-respecting persons. Most of them are cheater. They commit crimes. They commit thefts. In order to evade arrest, they conceal their identity by becoming beggars. Some beggars are gamblers and drunkards. Whatever money they collect by begging during daytime, they spend it on drinking and gambling at night.

Begging is a curse. It is a blot on the fair name of our country. The government should take steps to abolish it. It should open poor-houses. The disabled persons should be given free food and free clothes. The able-bodied beggars should be made to work.

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