Essay on “A Dress in a Boutique” for Kids and Students, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Dress in a Boutique

I am a very beautiful and latest dress, lying in a boutique to be bought by a fashion lover. I am hanging in a hanger together with many of my very beautiful colleagues some other dresses. Standing here in the midst of so many dresses, I feel rather proud of my beauty and also wonder how my future will be.

When I go down memory lane it excites me to remember the process of my making. The designer who cut me to size and present shape was a gentleman who specializes in making ladies’ outfits. He first bought the silk I am made of, I think he made many dresses of my type as I remember he bought a lot of this silk. Once this cloth – a silk was bought, the designer took a piece of the cloth as much as he required to make me and then he designed my shape and cut me in the shape of the dress I am now. He then sent me to the tailor for stitching, and, once I was ready in my present shape, I was sent to the boutique, with several of my other colleagues.

Now, I have been here for the last fortnight, and life here is very interesting. The routine is the same every day, and my desires the same, and the wait the same. Every day the shop opens at 10 a.m. and remains open till 8 p.m. Every day ladies come, have a look at the dresses, discuss things, buy some dresses and go away. I do wonder when my turn will come. When I see my friends going out with the buyers I wonder what is wrong with me that, I have not been liked. At times I feel very depressed at the thought that I may have to stay here for long without my old friends. It is very interesting to hear people discuss the dresses, the prices, the cloth and the boutique. From all the conversations I hear, I feel that, all the dresses here are very expensive including myself. This is what ladies say. Besides, what they say at times makes me feel happy and proud of myself also. I have heard many customers coming here saying that, though this place is very expensive, this boutique is the best in the town. With this compliment, I feel elated and puffed up. The worry and tiredness of staying here for so long gets its full compensation. All this together I think, accounts for the fact that every day there are at least forty to fifty visitors but, just about eight to ten buy a dress or two.

When customers talk about the ‘dresses being very expensive, I do wonder how long I will have to stay here. I am quite happy here but, at the same time I would like to get a change and enter a home. It is not that I am dissatisfied here but, the fact of being purchased by someone will certainly instill in me a feeling of self-pride and pleasure. I and my friends often discuss the boutique and its activities and of course our fates. Most of my friends complain of getting bored here sitting quietly unattended and unattractive. We at times feel that we may get stagnated and soon may be out of fashion and then become discards. This also I have heard that, these days, fashions change very fast. So, if for a long time I have to stay here I may get a label of being out of fashion and thus a discard of a dress.

Every morning when the shop opens, each one of us prays that, it should be our day. But, alas, for the last fifteen days, I and my friends have been here, hanging aimlessly and hopelessly in one corner of the shop. I can only pray to God that, soon HE sends some nice lady who will purchase me at the first look. Oh what a thrill at the very thought of being liked at the first sight. This will boost my morale and I will feel excited at the thought of entering a new wardrobe with new friends. May God grant my prayer?

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