English Short Story “It is All for the Best Eggs” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

It is All for the Best Eggs

Once there was a farmer. He had a goose. The goose laid a golden egg everyday. The farmer was very happy. He was becoming a very rich man because of this divine goose.

When he got a good amount of riches. A sense of greed caught hold of hint He wanted to grow immensely rich and that also instantly. He wanted to be the richest man of the world. A single egg of gold per day did not seem sufficient for him.

He thought of a plan of growing rich instantly. He thought why to wait for the goose to give an egg daily. Why not to get all the eggs in her belly out once for all? The thought overpowered his sense so much that without thinking whatsoever he called for a sharp knife. He took hold of the goose and buchered it in one stroke to get all the treasure once only. The poor creature gave out a cry and died. He got nothing. In his lust for gold and instant riches he killed his goose. He got only some flesh, bones and blood of the goose. He wept bitterly, but it was too late. He only mourned the loss of the golden goose. He tore his hair and beat his head but the worst had happened. He repented on his folly. All the castles he had built in the air crashed on to the ground. He was deprived of the golden egg which he got daily by his divine goose. There was nothing left. He repented very badly on his rash action in the fit of his madness.

Moral : Greed is Curse.


Always he contented with what is bestowed on you by the God.

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