English Essay, Paragraph on “A Commotion at a Library” Essay in 250 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Commotion at a Library

George and his father were at the National Library at South Point Mall. They were there every week as George is an avid reader and his father too, loves reading.

They found a place to sit after they had chosen the books that they wanted to read. Halfway through reading, they heard laughing. George’s father was a little put off by the laughing as he thought it was very inconsiderate. They looked up and saw that there were two boys looking at a book.

They were about to return to their reading when they heard the same voices again except this time, it sounded like the two of them were quarrelling. George looked up again and he noticed that the two boys were fighting over the same book.

“I found it first, “one said.

The other boy argued that he had found it first so both began to quarrel. They did not bother even though everyone was staring at them. A fight ensued. The two boys were struggling on the floor! A librarian saw that and rushed forward. She reprimanded them and asked them to leave the premises.

The two boys walked out with their heads hung low.

They were ashamed of themselves. George’s father told George that it was indeed shameful to have children behaving like this.

After that, everything resumed to normal and they continued reading. George wondered if the two boys had really learnt a lesson.

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