English Essay on “An Ideal Teacher” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

An Ideal Teacher

Essay No. 01

A teacher is the one who imparts knowledge to students in the best possible way he/she can, a person who can become their role model and the one who helps in shaping the students into good citizens.

The teaching profession is a very noble profession and so fit for only those who really wish to be among the children or youth to guide them correctly and not for those who wish to mint money.

In the eyes of the students some teachers are good, bad, very good and ideal. An ideal teacher is the one who not only helps in learning or acquiring the knowledge alone but also comes to the level of students to help with their problems or difficulties. He or she is determined to bring the best out of their students by putting in lot effort and encouraging words. An ideal teacher is excellent in his/ her subject, preparation for the class and in their teaching methods. They take pains to individually call students, correct or explain their mistakes. They have lots of patience to go through the answers and correct the test paper with care. An ideal teacher always is very approachable and clears doubts till the weakest student in the class gets the facts right. They take pains to make notes or answers, prepare children for competitions and are always with the students as a great support. An ideal teacher always praises a student when required and also sometimes scolds or points out his/ her mistakes.

Today, a teacher’s role is all the more demanding since he or she, themselves must keep up with the latest changes. They have to work with the pace of the students who have other ways of getting information. Also they have the responsibility of making their students capable of getting good opportunities or work and become good human beings. A good teacher becomes an ideal teacher by selflessly working to keep the flames of curiosity and learning alive.


Essay No. 02

An Ideal Teacher

There are many teachers in our school but Miss Veena Gupta, my History teacher is an ideal teacher in my eyes. She is 38 years of age and is a highly intelligent woman. All students like her very much.

Most students find History boring, but when she teaches the class she makes the subject interesting by giving examples from the daily life and by easy explanations.

She makes such effort while teaching the students as if we all are her own children. She has deep knowledge of not only her own subject but other subjects as well. She is always ready to repeat an explanation, if few of us could not understand and unlike other teachers she does not scold if we ask again and again.

Because of her knowledge and understanding of student’s problems, she is not only my ideal teacher alone but many other students too look up to her for inspiration.

She does not look down upon the poor but considers all students equal in her eyes. I can proudly say that she is not only my teacher but my friend, guide and philosopher.

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