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Animals-Our Friends

From the very stone age man has been associated with animals. At one stage of evolution man Was just another animal. There was a very little difference. The rapid development of human brain lifted the man on a higher plane than the rest of the animals. Put his brotherhood with the animals continued. The scientists believe that the man evolved from one of the species of monkeys.

Intact, the growth of intelligence in humans brought them closer to the animals than ever before. The thinking human realized how animals could be useful to him as pets and tamed live stock. He could also/see the beauty of the animals that added colour and variety to the scene. It is believed that cave man happened to rear a wolf cub that evolved into dog, the man’s best friend. An abandoned everlasting relationship got founded which is growing stronger.

The relationship and love between a man and his pet are stable and lasts life- long. A pet does not make any demands from its master except love and in return it gives love without arty conditions. The pets respond better to our care, love and friendship. It is a sweet relationship. The friendship between humans rarely lasts long and it is never unconditional.

The human friendships is subject to motives, self-interests, incomplete trust, convenience and a host of pre-conditions. Pet, animals, birds and other creatures are never ungrateful. They are friends forever. Foul play, scheming, deceit and betrayal are not in their nature. Most of the animals are our true friends. In true harmony they live with us and make the life enjoyable.

Animals serve the human interest in many ways. The wild ones create a beautiful environment around us and maintain ecological balance. Butterflies and bees pollinate flowers and help the trees bear fruit. The earthworms hollow the soil and make it fertile for us to grow harvests of food grains. Birds paint the air with colours and sounds. Snakes eat field mice and save our harvests. There are a lot of things we don’t know about how wild creatures enrich our lives.

We know a lot about the domesticated animals like dogs, cats, horses, cattle, elephants, pigs, hens, ducks, turkeys, sheep, ponies, mules, yaks, camels, llamas, ostriches, reindeers etc. The dog is man’s oldest friend and the dearest. It is our companion, protector, guide and its presence has soothing effect.

Dogs help the law as well by serving as police dogs. They serve in wars also. Dogs help in hunting and in rearing sheep too. They prove wonderful guides for blind and old people. In snow bound areas the dogs draw sledges. They also help in rescuing travelers lost in snow storms or buried in snow. Now-a- days, doctors prescribe pet dogs to mentally troubled people, mentally retracted kids or the people with frayed nerves. The company of dogs keeps the nerves calmed down. There are a number of different breeds of dogs for different purposes. The loyalty of the dogs is legendary. Amazing stories of the loyal deeds of dogs keep appearing in the media.

Cats are kept as pets, for they kill rat species. They look pretty and add beauty to the house. Women particularly are fond of cats. They are good to play with and are cuddle some. They make a good constant company.

The cattle give us milk and yield hide for a variety of leather goods, the prominent being shoes. The cattle waste makes a good manure and it is traditionally used as domestic fuel in India. It is because of this usefulness that Hindu tradition considers cow to be a holy animal.

Yaks and bullocks are beasts of burden. The bullocks pull the ploughs in our country. In the western countries cattle meat is consumed as beef items. Sheep and goat provide meat, hide and wool. The goats yield milk as well. Pigs are loads of fat pork which is turned into ham, bacon, salami, sausages and other pork items. Llama, mules and camel are other beasts of burden. Camels provide milk also.

For snow covered regions of northern hemisphere reindeer is the life saver. It provides meat, fat oil for light and hide for leather wears. Bison served the same purpose for Red Indians. Poultry birds yield eggs and meat. Ostrich lays large eggs and is also used for riding.

Elephants are used for carrying logs in Thailand. They are also used for rides. In India Kings loved to ride decorated elephants. They were also used in wars to stonewall the enemy. These big animals are intelligent, brave and very hard working. They have a long memory.

The horse is another old friend of man. It is known for its speed, strength, swiftness, loyalty and excellent path finding sense. The horses are made for riding. Before the mechanization took over, the horses used to lead warriors into wars. It has a long history of fighting wars in tandem with humans. The horses can perform many tricks, pranks and feats. They are the stars of equestrian events.

For some people monkeys are nuisance. But many others like them. Indian Madaris perform several tricks with monkeys as their pets and business partners. Monkey are also used for testing new drugs or experimenting. Birds like parrots, bulbuls and mynahs are-kept as pets for-their ability to sing sweet songs or talk in human tongue. Kites, crows, vultures, eagles and peacocks also serve various purposes. They consume the dead animals or discarded eatables and keep our environment neat and clean. In that sense they are also our silent friends.

There is no animal that serves no purpose. Directly or indirectly every creature contributes to our happiness in some way. We must be kind to all our animal friends.

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