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The Scene at an Election Booth

Democracy is the backbone of this country. The right to vote has been provided to every citizen of this country by the constitution of India. Every candidate and party has to face the people after every five years. The fate of each candidate to be a member of the highest law-making body of the country, that is, the Parliament, is decided by an ordinary voter in a polling booth when he or she comes to give vote in favour of the candidate or party of his or her choice. Under the rule of the land there is no compulsion on the voter on which part of the ballot paper he will put his seal.

The day of polling is a time for great. excitement for both the political parties and the voter. Hectic preparations are made for the event. Law does not allow any active process of electioneering on this particular day but still the candidates and political parties keep very active looking after the prospects of their performance. Many unlawful activities are seen on this day. There are many events of violence and the political parties or candidates use the power of muscle-men and money to secure the favour of voters in their favour. There are many events of booth-capturing also where the real voters are forced to abstain from voting and votes are cast in favour of their own candidates. The authorities make a comprehensive arrangement of security to avoid such happenings but still some vested interests prove successful in their evil designs.

By and large the elections in India are held peacefully and it is ultimately only the will of the masses that comes on board. The country has seen many powerful politicians lose their power at the hands of the will of the voter. India is proud of its election procedure and the world looks amazed at the transfer of power from one party to another as a result of the verdict of the general masses of this country.

Let us hope that the day of election proves a rightful time for deciding the fate of the country in the right direction.

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