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The saddest day of my life

Essay No. 01

The saddest day of my life was June 18, 1994. It was the day when my brother, Tam Singh, died.

He was working in the Central Public Works Department and was quite hale and hearty on June 17th, 1994. He took half a day’s leave from his office to keep his appointment with Dr. Carrolli for a medical checkup in the Willington Hospital. The Doctors detained him overnight for a checkup and he could not even inform his family about his detention. Nor the hospital authorities took the necessary steps to inform his people so that they could attend to him or at least not feel worried about him. As he himself was tied up with various instruments, he could not even telephone his people.

At midnight I received a call from one of his co-patients about his presence in hospital and detention overnight.

The next morning I met him in the hospital and he talked normally about business and family affairs. He told me to go to his office and inform his officer for granting him medical leave. But as I reached his office to get leave for him, I was informed by his colleagues that he was already dead. They had received this information from the hospital. I could not believe my ears till I reached the hospital and found him really dead.

We removed him in the ambulance to his house on the Roshanara Road. As it was summer, we had to put slabs of ice around his body to keep him for the night at home. Early next morning we took his dead body to Nigarnbodh Ghat and there committed him to the flames. The memory of his death will never pass away from my mind.

Often I spend the livelong nights on the banks of the Hindon River and think of his death. Why did he die? Why he had to die? What is death? Is death the end of life? I can never get these questions off my mind. I have seen many deaths but his death has left an indelible mark on my mind.


Essay No. 02

The Saddest Day in My Life

Life is full of incidents of sorrow and joy, some make us happy while others make us sad.

I still remember 13th June 1997 which was for me the saddest day in my life. It appeared as if fate had conspired against me and the clouds of sorrow seemed all around.

I was very nervous that day as my Board Examination Results were to be declared. But my parents assured me that I would pass with good marks.

I reached my school at the specified time for the results to be declared. As I checked my roll number I saw that I had failed in Hindi and History. I was stunned as I had always scored good marks in both the subjects throughout the year and could never think of such a result in the main exams. I was heartbroken as I had decided to do my B. A. in one of these subjects.

Even my teachers, parents, and my friends were shocked on seeing my result. My parents did not say anything and tried to cheer me up but I could feel their distress. I was also worried about my future. For days I cried, and I feel that day was the saddest and the darkest day of my life.

Essay No. 03

The Saddest Day of My Life

Days are not of equal value in one’s life. Some bring happiness while others bring sadness. Sadness and happiness both are equally important to man’s life since they are the two sides of a coin. As we cannot forget the happiest day, we are unable to forget the saddest day of our life too. The saddest day of my life was Diwali Day. Diwali is considered to be a happy festival and till last Diwali, it was my favorite festival. On last Diwali, my sister, my brother, and I were busy lighting the fireworks. I was holding a ‘fuljhari’ in my hand and unfortunately, my younger brother, who was standing just beside me, had a cracker in his hand. This cracker caught fire and a very loud explosion was heard which shook my sister and me. After that, we all could think of nothing else than blood-stained cotton, bandage, Dettol, etc. My cousin took my brother to the doctor where he got 14 stitches in his forefinger and thumb. But at home, everybody kept cursing and blaming me for the mishap. That night, I could not sleep and I cried a lot. For the next few days, 1 bore the burden of this blame for being responsible for this unfortunate incident. I felt deeply guilty conscious which I was able to overcome after a long time.

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