Essay on “Students and Discipline” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 9, 10 and 12 students.

Students and Discipline

Education means the all round development of a child’s personality. It means developing and inculcating in the child a set of healthy habits and to impart knowledge that could equip him for a civilized and respectable life in society. Nothing is therefore, more important than inculcating in him a sense of discipline that would make him a cultured citizen of our Nation.

Discipline has been defined in various ways. But the best form of discipline is one which is natural, spontaneous and effortless in an individual. Just as a sunflower opens itself, naturally, spontaneously and ‘effortlessly to the rays of the sun. An individual personality likewise should respond to the needs of discipline.

The need for discipline among students cannot be over stressed. The future of our country depends on. the quality of our students. If our students are well-behaved and disciplined our future is secure.

The law of discipline is to become aware of what is proper and what is improper. A disciplined person knows his place in life and knows his relations with others. He honours the social code and honours the law. In short, man of discipline has an order, a pattern of life. If students On learn to lead orderly lives they will be disciplined citizens and our future will have some pattern and plan.

It is only when a child is learning at school that he can be given opportunities to learn the rules of discipline, co-operation and obedience to law. It is this law of discipline that distinguishes a cultured community from an uncultured community.

Student unrest in the country can give us a fair idea of what can happen to us when the students lack discipline. This should with a little imagination show us the shape of things to come if no heed is paid to the necessity of discipline among the students.

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