Essay on “Population Explosion” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Population Explosion

Population explosion is a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of many many problems. One, it has created the problems of food, clothing and shelter. Two, it has put pressure on agricultural land and eaten up forests and green coverings to raise dwelling units for the teeming millions. Third, it has resulted into dwindling population of fauna and flora. Four, it has reduced civic amenities to hoax. Five, it has checked the onward progress of education because extra resources cannot be _diverted from food management to educational facilities. Six, it has increased unemployment and underemployment as jobs are limited. Survival of the fittest or exploitation has become the rule. Seven, paucity of employment has given. birth to many social evils like child labour, child’: abuse, prostitution, female feticide, robbery, anti-social activities, buying and selling of human beings, mushrooming of slums and above all, pollution of environment. Eight, population explosion and illiteracy go cheek by jowl. Nine, rich are growing richer and poor poorer.

Ten, it has resulted into mushrooming of sunken, eyes and hollow cheeks as general health of the people is not taken care of. Eleven, it has created shortage of drinking water, electricity and transport facilities. Twelve, it has made overpopulated and small nations puppets in the hands of rich nations having limited number of mouths. Indeed, due to population explosion, the future is bleak and dreary. We must chock it as we can’t slaughter extra mouths as we slaughter extra animals.

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