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Sources, Effects Ant Control Of Noise ‘Pollution

Noise pollution is a severe danger to the human environment. It is mounting at an increasing rate and has become a major threat to the quality of human lives. Levels of noise in many areas, especially in urban, have been growing at a rapid rate. However, poor and lack of inattentive urban planning has given rise to the problem of noise pollution.

The main source of noise pollution is transportation systems particularly motor vehicle making loud engine sounds. The other sources include noise made by aircrafts and railway engines. Besides noise generated through transportation, other causes of noise pollution are home appliances, noisy equipment, machines in industries and factory, power tools, public processions during festival, lighting and audio entertainment systems. Machines and equipment related to construction also produces tremendous noise pollution.

Due to the growth and progress of heavy industrialization, constant exposure of high level of noise gives rise to stress levels in modern life. It may also lead to many health hazards. The effect of noise on health depends on loudness, duration, quality and frequency of exposure to the loud noise. Any source producing sound of more than 90 decibel for more than eight hours a day is harmful for human ears.

Noise pollution produces different effects on humans. Constant and loud noise leads to emotional disturbances. Irritating noise at work place reduces concentration level, efficiency and working capability. Deafness, annoyance, high blood pressure and hypertension arc some of the other important effects of noise pollution.

Noise pollution can be controlled by reducing noise at source. Change in design and operation of machines, using vibration control techniques and using sound absorbing materials are some of the measures to reduce noise pollution. It can also be reduced by prescribing certain noise limits for vehicular traffic, industries and factories.

The other methods to control noise pollution include constructing buildings as far as possible from noise source and planting many trees. Trees plantation helps in absorbing some sound. Moreover, Government has already passed the ‘Noise Pollution Control Act’ to meet the special Indian conditions. Laws should be made and enforced for controlling noise at city level. People can be educated and made aware of noise pollution through special programmes on radio and television.

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