English Essay, Paragraph on “A Birthday Party” Essay in 250 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Birthday Party

“It is mom’s birthday today!” Linda said in excitement to her father and brother, Louis.

“Shall we give a surprise party?” Louis asked.

All three agreed and without wasting much time, they left the house quietly and headed for the supermarket. They bought many things for the party and on the way home; they stopped by a bakery to buy a cake.

Once they were home, they went to the kitchen and prepared everything before their mother woke up. Mother had worked the night shift so she was very tired and they knew she would sleep till late afternoon. Linda’s father also called their aunts to come over for the party that evening.

In the evening, when their mother woke up, she was surprised to see the house beautifully decorated with balloons and streamers, and there on the table were many dishes of food. All of them sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and she was extremely happy.

Louis presented her with a card and wished her a happy birthday. Linda presented her with a bouquet of roses and gave her a big hug. After that, they cut the cake and everyone dug into the food. Their aunts and mother praised the children for the food as it tasted quite good. They chatted while they ate. It was indeed a happy occasion.

At the end of the party, Linda’s mother thanked all of them for their effort. She told them that she was very proud of them.

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