Essay on “Recess Period” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Recess Period

Free is loved by all. Everyone likes to be free. It is, therefore, that the recess period in school is a great welcome to students as well as teachers. After working for four periods they require some rest and relax. The recess period fills them with new energies for the next four periods. It is from the beginning of fourth period, both the students and teachers wait for the recess anxiously.

As soon as the bell goes, everyone in the school takes a sigh of relief and comfort. The calm and quiet atmosphere of school is broken by students’ shouts of joy. They rush out of their classes to the school gate or school canteen or to the playground with football or cricket bat in hand. Still some others whose homes are nearby rush to their homes to enjoy the tea. Everywhere in school compound students laugh and talk with one another joyfully either discussing about a teacher or any recent experience. So they all feel relieved from the strict discipline of the classroom.

There is a lot of hustle and bustle in every corner of the school except the classrooms. The library and the reading room is full of students. The canteen is the busiest place. Every student seems to be so hungry that he wants to graple anything whatever he is able to catch hold of. There is a heavy rush at the water-coolers and the water-taps.

This is also a time for book worms to revise their lessons again and the sports-loving trying new techniques in their favourite sports. The sports teachers keep busy with the aspirant participants in the competition games and the same is the case with the music lovers who listen to their favourite music in the music room and take special advice from their seniors.

It also a time to make new friends with the juniors and strengthen relations with the old ones and also talk incessantly about the new movies and serials, actors and actresses, new foods and restaurants.

In recess period the teachers also relax. The staff room is overcrowded and full of noise and mingling voices of the teachers. Some of the teachers take the refreshment in the form of tea or coffee. While others are engaged in gossiping or discussing politics or a recent cricket match. The teachers too enjoy the recess period like students.

The recess period comes to an end with the ringing of the call bell. All the students run to their classes. Within a few minutes the whole compound is again deserted the teachers too, go to their respective classes and once again it is all calm and quite in the school.

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