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Today’s Movies


The movies in modern times have changed hugely compared to a few decades ago. Today there are almost no movies without physical or verbal fights and violent incidents. Besides comedy, horror, action, romance, tragedy, etc. violence is yet another important theme of some of the movies. The stories selected for a movie are such that they appeal the youth who like to watch fights, love and adventure scenes. Films displaying love and group dances are common in almost every Hindi and other language films.

It is believed that fights, love scenes and group dances add to the cinematic charm to the film. Films have become highly commercial and the producers are bent on earning, as much money as possible through their films. Generally, this is the main reason for the low standard of films. Moreover, nowadays, the educational value of a film is not given much importance.

Previously films were based on well-written novels of great writers. They had social significance in it. Today, producers want to produce as many films as possible in a year and want to earn as much money as possible. Initially they took a year or little more to produce their film. Such films were box office attraction. In modern times, many films are produced in a year and not all of them are so good to watch. Thus, commercialism in the production of films should be avoided. Producers should pay more attention on producing good films that consists educational values.

Art films are very rare these days because such films are believed to be commercially flops. The production of movies is profit-oriented and a producer cannot afford to suffer loss. Producers hesitate in producing art films, which are purely educative. Such moves deliver a forceful message to society. However, they may lack the cinematic elements like group dances, romance, fights, comedy scenes, etc. It is widely accepted that developing a story with the intention of bringing out the quality of the characters in a film and delivering a message for all may not appeal to the majority of the audience, especially youngsters.

Some film producers claim that their films based on certain formulas charm the youngsters. Such films do well in theatres. However, they are not much bothered about the quality of the film and the message it gives. Even the directors working in today’s film industry are young and they want to produce films suitable to the likes of the younger age group.

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