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My Favourite Game – Chess

I like to play chess in my free time. It is my hobby and passion. There are a number of hobbies to choose from but I find chess the best and most interesting. For me there cannot be a better option than playing chess in my spare time. It not only keeps me busy but also gives me entertainment, refreshes me and provides me with a relaxation. It is a game purely of Indian origin. In ancient India, it was known as, ‘Chaturanga’.

I was introduced into the game by my elder brother Vishwanath when I was just seven years old. He is a very good chess player. He has won several chess competitions. On every Sunday afternoon, he played chess with one of his friend. It was interesting to see them get so engrossed in the game that it made them forget everything around them. Their playing sessions would sometimes extend for long hours. I learnt different strategies and moves of the game by watching them play.

Chess is an intellectual game. It is an art of creative mind and long-lasting pleasure. There is no other game or human pastime reflecting different situations of life. For great playwright William Shakespeare, the entire world is a stage and all of us performed our roles as actors. There is no other game or hobby as thoughtful as chess. Chess is a classic game holding over the human imagination and mind.

Chess helps in developing decision-making abilities. The strength of a chess player lies in clear and normal thinking, right approach, reasoning and ability of not committing a mistake. His power of vision, watchfulness, instinct and imagination makes him a stronger player. Chess gives a good training for those involved in challenging tasks and intellectual hobbies. A chess player is required to make a decisive move in most complex situation and that too during the times of pressure.

A game of chess is a display of both the will to win and intelligence. The player aims to overcome all difficulties and barriers to realize his plan and ideas. However, he can execute his ideas and strategies only if he possesses intensiveness, creativity, imagination, willpower, determination, vision and the quick implementation of the plan.

According to me, chess is an epic game. The chessboard is like a battleground. The two competing armies and the two rival players think in terms of attack, defense, capture, threats, manoeuvres, traps and tactics. Therefore, the game of chess is full of such activities that are not less than an actual life battle.


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