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A Railway Collision

Railway collision is terrible as it causes great loss of life and property.

There was a serious collision between Rajdhani and Shalimar Express near Satnam Station in January. Many lives were lost in the accident. I was fortunate to escape with only minor injuries.

There was a loud explosion as the two trains collided with each other in the early hours of the morning. The explosion woke up the people from the nearby villages. Some of the people were crying while others were shouting for help from the wreckage. But being dark and chilly, much help could not be arranged immediately and due to this some died on the spot.

The scene at the accident spot looked heartbreaking. The engine of the Rajdhani Express had struck against the Shalimar express engine which had forged deep into the compartment of Rajdhani. Both the trains were greatly damaged. The passengers of both the trains looked shaken beyond description.

People from the nearby village had gathered there for help and soon the medical aid also reached the place. People who were slightly injured or had minor cuts were discharged while those with serious injuries were taken to the nearby hospital. The luggage of passengers could be seen lying around on the accident site.

It was a horrible site with doctors, nurses, villagers and passengers moving around in confusion amid cries of pain and shouts of worried relatives of the passengers.

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