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Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Alcoholism and drug addiction are two big social evils of our society. Both have proved to be dangerous and can cripple a family or a society.

Alcoholism is the addiction to alcoholic drinks or complete dependence on it. Drug addiction is also dependence on certain drugs for pleasure. In both cases individuals become slaves to alcohols and drugs over a period of time, eating them from inside and harming them dangerously-sometimes beyond repair.

There are three broad reasons or causes of alcoholism and drug addiction. Study reveals that genetics, stress or emotional problems and social pressure are the main causes of these habits. The main difficulty however is still to find what reasons makes a person an alcoholic or a drug addict. In most cases it’s a combination of reasons. Genetics tells us that some people are more prone to drinking alcohol and have the urge to have it more. Though study proves it, the idea is less accepted. More practical reasons like stress and social pressure is accepted. Family problems, personal relationship problems, work stress and emotional insecurity do lead to alcoholism. When the courage and sense of happy balanced feeling in life is threatened by worries and unhappiness, some people take to drinking and drugs to forget them. Weak people or sensitive people who have a very difficult painful and disturbed background are more inclined to drugs and drinking. They use these to vent their emotions, calm themselves, feel good and be in a world of illusions(especially in case of drug abuse or substance abuse).People with problems in most societies consider it as a short term fix or solution but gradually it becomes a long term habit and soon becomes difficult to quit. This in turn results in medical problems, behavioural problems, had interpersonal relationships and financial problems in the family.

Drinking because of peer pressure or social pressure like partying among friends, social gathering during festivals and wedding has become a growing problem. Economic growth has added to this kind of drinking. Initially, curiosity makes a person drink or use drug when offered by a friend or an acquaintance. Next, it is taken to please friends and not feel left out. Then it becomes a regular thing whenever people meet and slowly it becomes a habit, which they look forward to. This forces them to attend parties with booze secretly, use drugs secretly (the network of supply and use of drugs is done very secretly for the fear of being caught). If one cannot control and keep limits this kind of drinking can break families. Youngsters experimenting with drugs are pulled towards it so badly that it destroys their education and career.

Today open availability of alcoholic drinks and drugs reaching through peddlers is posing as a serious threat. Once if a person becomes an alcoholic or a drug addict then the comeback road is difficult. It need lot of mental strength, will power and family support. The solution lies in “saying no to alcohol and drugs” right in the beginning. This will ensure less supply due less demand.

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