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A Journey by Boat


A journey by boat is always very pleasurable and enjoyable because it has an attraction of its own. Rowing a boat provides a lot of fun. Last summer I had an opportunity to go to New Zealand with my family for about a week. We stayed in a hotel, v, filch was within walking distance from the sea.

During our stay, we visited many beautiful places in different cities of New Zealand. On the third day, my father hired a boat for a few hours. Although the boat was quite roomy, it was not very big. With great excitement, my parents, uncle, sister, younger brother and myself, got into the boat. It was late evening. The sun had just gone below the horizon.

The scenery was very beautiful. The sky looked amazing. There were not many boats in the sea. I wanted to row the boat but my father did not allow me. The boatman supported me and came to my help. He assured that he would take care that I did not cause any harm to the boat or to myself. In the end, my father agreed.

I sat in the place of the boatman and had a delightful experience of rowing for almost twenty minutes. Imagine my thrill and pride when I was able to row the boat and keep it on its path. Of course, its speed was reduced.

Soon the sky was sparkling bright with the moon light. The dark outline of tall coconut trees on the shore seen against the dark background made everything more beautiful. The lights of the nearby huts and of the bridge threw beams of silver reflection in the sea. The sky was studded with twinkling stars. The view was remarkably stunning.

Time flew very fast and our journey was about to come to an ended. The boatman brought us back to the shore. We enjoyed every single minute of the boat ride. It was wonderful. My parents were pleased to see all of us smiling and happy. I am grateful to God for letting me such wonderful opportunity. Even after so many days, its memory makes me feel happy.

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