English Essay, Paragraph on “An Inconsiderate Act” Essay in 150 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

An Inconsiderate Act

“Tom, can you go and open the letterbox to see if there are any letters?” Tom’s mother asked. Tom agreed so he took the key and headed for the void deck.

When he reached the void deck, he found the letterbox filled with lots of mail as well as advertising brochures. Frustrated with the amount of paper to throw away, Tom simply swept everything onto the ground. Then he took the letters and locked the letterbox.

Just then he saw the cleaner sweeping the floor. Of the litter that she was sweeping, Tom realised that they were mostly the advertising brochures. Tom felt bad. He knew that it was due to the inconsiderate acts of the residents. He then recalled what his teacher had taught them in their Civics and Moral Education lesson.

He made a note that he would always throw the advertising flyers into the dustbins. He also decided that he would share with his family members.

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