English Essay on “We Visited the Fair” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

We Visited the Fair

Secunderabad and Hyderabad arc famous for its fairs. In fact, I often feel that the fair remains for the entire year. The feel of fairs is so unique. From a distance the Ferris wheel that is lit up attracts children who begin persuading their parents to take them to the fair.

Having promised the children, a day was set aside for the fair. We went in the evening. an hour before sunset. There were four gates; two were for entry while the other two were for exit. The entry tickets were inexpensive so the queue was long. The excitement was so high that it was difficult keeping the children by our side. The crowd made our pace slow. We first walked past all the stalls and picked up little knick-knacks. They had everything from artifacts of different states to garments, shoes, bags, crockery, linen, toys, carpets and a whole line of food stalls. We then moved on to the rides. We sat in the Ferris wheel and screamed our guts out but that did not deter us from taking other rides. After our fill we hit the food stalls for snacks including lots of cotton candy. We then headed back home and as expected, the children wanted us to promise them to take them back there again.

Fairs and Circuses do not lure people as they once did but they do have their own charm and are worth a visit.

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