Essay on “Bird in Hand Is Worth Two in The Bush” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Bird in Hand Is Worth Two in The Bush

Your, real property is what you have in your hand. You are master of it and you use it in any way. The amount you have given to others is yours but you are not certain to get it. So be contented with what you have and live in the present. At this means that you must be practical and realistic. Hopes and dreams may transport you to green postures but do not depend on them. Tomorrow is shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. Do not stake your rupee in the hope of doubling it. Gambling may render you a pauper. So the money in your hand is worth the double of what you hope to get. Learn to be satisfied and contented with what you have in hand. Prosperity of other people makes you jealous and crazy. No use of grumbling as you can’t come upon that prosperity. It is better to make most of your own resources. People spend their lifetime savings on lottery tickets to get rich over-night. They regret later on. The way to survive and thrive is to feel contented with what you have. Hopes mostly dupe and prove to be liars. Promised lands may be charming but they cannot be dependable. Do dream but catch hold of your present by its forelock.

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