10 Lines on “Vinoba Bhave” in English, complete Essay, Biography for class 9, 10, 12 examination.

Biography of “Vinoba Bhave”

1. Acharya Vinoba Bhave was a freedom fighter and a spiritual teacher. He was born at Gagode in Kolaba district, Maharashtra on 11 September 1895.

2. His original name was Vinayak Narahari Bhave. His mother Rukmini Devi was a very religious person.

3. At a very young age Vinoba was deeply interested in Mathematics. In 1916, on his way to Mumbai to appear for the intermediate examination, Vinoba Bhave put his school and college certificates into a fire.

4. It was believed that Vinoba took the decision after reading a piece of writing in a newspaper written by Mahatma Gandhi.

5. In 1951, Vinoba Bhave started his peace trek on foot through the violence-torn region of Telangana. On April 18, 1951, the Harijans of the Pochampalli village requested him to provide them with around 80 acres of land to make a living.

6. Vinoba asked the landlords of the village to come forward and save the Harijans. To everybody’s surprise, a landlord got up and offered the required amount of land.

7. This incident added a new chapter in the history of sacrifices and non-violence. It was the beginning of the Bhoodan (gift of the land) movement. Following this, Vinoba Bhave traveled all across the country asking landlords to consider him as one of their sons and so give him a portion of their land.

8. He then distributed those portions of land to the landless poor. Not a single person around him ever saw him getting angry and violent.

9. He always followed the path of truth and non-violence, as shown by Mahatma Gandhi.

10. In November 1982, Vinoba Bhave fell seriously ill and decided to end his life. He also refused to accept any food and medicine during his last days. On 15 November 1982, the great social reformer breathed his last.

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