English Essay on “Modern Lifestyle” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Modern Lifestyle

In olden days, life was natural, slow (less mechanical), difficult at times but healthy. Today, in modern times, life is fast paced (mechanical), comfortable, ready made, stressful and unhealthy.

Modern lifestyle slowly crept in with changing times-joint families have given way to nuclear families with migration to different cities in search of jobs and better life. Once there was a better job there were more comforts-with a touch of button any domestic work can be done. Environment at work places also changed with the arrival of computers and related technologies. Children reached school by buses, vans or cars and are having more choices now than ever, when compared to children of earlier generations. From children, to adults the ways of life has changed. Presently, we are leading a comfortable life with less physical activity-men and women are working hard, sometimes odd hours of work and find no time for exercise or outdoor activities. The work pressure at times is so high that it creates stress. In family where both parents are working there is less outdoor activity. Children find TV more enjoyable than outdoor games. Children going out to play to sweat it out are very rare sight. With growing competition, children are forced to attend many hobby classes, tuition which leaves very less time for play.’ Even, during the leisure time, they are glued to TV. Or play games on the internet for hours. Taking advantage of the situation arc companies who are attracting children with more variety of video games & parlours. So, ways of family entertainment has totally changed.

Another important aspect of modern life style is changes in food habits. In most the homes traditional simple food has given way to quick and fast food-which am high in calories. Children too are attracted to fried and oily food, now easily available at the nearest bakery or fast food outlets. Greater purchasing power of people is also the reason for the success of some of the fast food chains. Families frequently eat out resulting consumption of lot of soft drinks, fatty food and cm calories. Eating habits, such as eating while watching TV snacking in between meals and munching on when there is no work has all contributes to lifestyle diseases modem day. Babies, to children to adults put on weigh which has become a very common problem in the urban scenario.

Changing work condition, less physical activity. sedentary jobs, comfortable but stressful life and bad eating habits has exposed us to Nome dangerous health hazards like blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. These have become common lifestyle diseases and are a cause of worry allover the world. These conditions which were earlier seen in people pasts fifty years are seen in young people and, children. More people are ending up with heart problems and obese bodies. Easily available, preserved and chemically treated food has also contributed to health risks. There is also an increasing complain of eye problems, back ache problems (especially among women) and mental stress. Deaths due to heart attacks or heart ailments are on the rise in developing countries like. India.

The world health organization (WHO) estimates that worldwide. 24 million people will die of stroke by 2030. Overweight or obesity results is various other health problems like, breathing problems, increased cholesterol levels, imbalance in hormones and depression due to low self-esteem. A little caution, small changes in life style and care if taken, we can prevent these lifestyle diseases from increasing. Mindless eating, lazy ways and attitude should change.

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