English Essay on “Child Labour: Education and Training” Full Length Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 Exam.

Child Labour: Education and Training

Child labour is today a subject without realizing the reason that has deteriorated purpose rather than solving. In some families of rural areas, due to unavoidable reason is children are the only source of income for the entire family. Such children when they are deprived as factory or shop workers have no choice but to beg and sell odd items in the streets of urban areas or become child prostitutes.

Many children are indulging in these activities. The ultimate objective of a child is to earn and feed ailing mother or parents. It is now the Governments and NOG’S or other international organizations (as, new child’s parents) can help by launching schemes of education-based earning.

That is the study and earn. Items may be identified from those areas, which are suitable for the young child. Ir would be rather educational apprenticeship in playing way with basic education. It is not a crime but support to a needy child and a better understanding of the crisis of child labour.

NGO’s and other international agencies to identify the poor parents, who don’t send their children to work due to financial crisis, support by donation to educate their children. It is a little tricky as some parents may take the money and don’t send the child to school. In such cases donations to be based on school attendance. Come to school and earn.

Some interior rural villages have primary education schools far- far away and are hard to reach. Urban high schools and college students can be of great help. Not only the rural children are educated but it also provides an opportunity to urban students for social involvement with the rural population.

To my opinion, it should be made mandatory as higher education becomes purposeful which updates the plights and brings ideas of solutions. Awareness of education is still lacking in some areas where the poverty level is high. These areas should be given special care and facilities of study and earn. Governments cannot alone proceed due to the heavy burden of deficits. For this activity taking the help of international organizations and NGO’s is `purposeful. Also, the social involvement of college and higher education students with a rural village population will bring social awareness and education.

Our college and higher education students at present are indulged in theories and books without social involvement this would be the right step to involve them in socio-economic. Besides fighting for child labour the NGO’s should also come with new ideas to restore their parent’s employment opportunity by suggesting respective Governments.

The international community has a responsibility towards poverty. There should not be a vast gap between poor and rich.  International organization and community need to come forward and renew their thinking. Educating training into new fields of employment. This will help parents to find a better source of employment.

Identify the parents whose children are involved and make arrangement for the provision of jobs to them. To scrutinize if minimum salary and social security structure is followed or not by employers. Emphasis should be made on improving the demand for crafts products, which consumes more employment than the modern industries.

Modernization of industries should not mean unemployment. Industries and respective Governments have forgotten the real objective of trade and industrialization. Rather objective of trade and industrialization should employment, the uplifting standard of Living and eradication of poverty

Discourage overpopulation, which is rather killing the world. Lack of education in these countries main reason for NGO’s should come with ideas to encourage countries to introduce incentive and disincentives for the smaller family. Child labour is a child of many mothers like lack of social security, poverty, unemployment and population.

Need all measures to kill the mother of weakening to reform its child Unless strict measures are not adopted by international community child labour problem can not be eradicated. There should be a joint effort by International societies and Local governments to reform and minimise poverty/ bring social security in unorganised sectors and curtail excessive growth of population. World’s biggest enemy is excessive population. These play important roles in uplifting child labour.

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