How to Write a Paragraph, List of Important Rules to write impressive Paragraph.


Paragraph writing is a beautiful exercise. A number of sentences are put together relating the topic. Both the topic and the matter are brief and crisp. The contents of a paragraph invoke lot of attention among the readers and it is also a fine means to construct short, sharp sentences. There is no rule concerning the length of the Paragraph, but usually it consists of 150-200 words. It can be a little shorter if the topic allows so.

The main principle to be followed in writing a good paragraph is its good order and coherent flow of ideas. The unity of the content makes the paragraph readable and interesting. The style can vary with the title. It can be humourous and serious, informative and descriptive. The most important thing about writing a paragraph is its logical sequence of ideas. Merely a collection of sentences on a topic does not make a good paragraph.

The students are especially helped greatly by writing paragraphs, for their improvement of written expression habits which the modem students lack in spite of a good knowledge of the rules of grammar and language. The short crisp variety in writing paragraphs relieves the student of the boredom he experiences in writing long sketches and essays. It surely helps create in them the quality of writing good English which is the first requirement for a better career.

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