Letter to the Editor on a Growing number of road accidents.

Letter to the Editor on a Growing number of road accidents.

14 A Ashok Vihar Delhi

2nd June 20XX


The Editor

The Times of India


Subject: Growing number of road accidents.


Through the columns of your reputed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the general public towards the large number of accidents taking place especially in the metropolitan cities.

The reason for this can be numerous, the foremost being the thrill of speed. People do not, generally, follow the traffic rules. They are always in a hurry to reach to their destination. Moreover, most of the people these days are under stress which leads to the loss of concentration. Drunken driving, distraction like mobile phones, music etc., can also be one of the reasons for the growing number of road accidents. Every day, we see under-age drivers i.e., small-children driving to school or the coaching classes which again leads to rough driving or an increase in traffic.

This problem can be overcome if more policemen act as deterrents. Stricter punishments should be given for even a small violation of the traffic rules. Children should be taught traffic rules at schools so that they learn to follow them. Parents can also be held responsible for the underage drivers. Moreover, carpools or public transport should be adopted in order to have lesser traffic on the roads.

Thanking you

Yours truly

Archit Mahajan

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