Essay, Paragraph on “Helping the School Cleaner English Composition in 200 words for kids and Students.

Helping the School Cleaner

James was in the toilet when he heard a loud thud and a cry for help. He ran out of the cubicle to see what had happened. He saw the school cleaner lying face down on the floor. Her mop was next to her and her bucket of water had toppled over. There was water everywhere.

James helped the cleaner up. Then, he led her to a small bench outside the toilet. However, she wanted to continue mopping the toilet. She hobbled back into the toilet. James felt sorry for her. She was old and she had hurt herself when she fell. He was afraid that she would fall again. As James had to wait for his mother to fetch him home, he decided to help her. At first, the cleaner refused. However, James insisted and she finally relented. She sat on a stool at the front of the toilet and watched as James mopped the floor. He was an expert as he often helped his mother at home. He even helped her to clean the sinks. The toilet smelt fresh and the sinks sparkled after James had finished his work.

When James’ mother came to fetch him, he told her what he had done. She was very pleased. She praised him for being kind and considerate.

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