Essay on “What the Youth Must Do!” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

What the Youth Must Do!

Youth is an occasion of great energy, enterprise and thought. It is the cream of one’s life. We can use it for making a glorious career for ourselves, to do something great for our country and all fellow people. It is a time to lay foundation for your future actions by getting proper education and skills. It is also a time to decide your future ambition and take steps in the right direction.

Youth is a dangerous proposition in the sense that you are immature, inexperienced and prove to be influenced by anything evil. You are required to keep your eyes and ears open and guard yourself from falling into any bad habit as the habits formed in youth both good and bad continue lifelong. We have to form good ones and shun the bad. Everyone is prone to evil in youth but it is also the time to recover and to refrain. Your elders and teachers should serve as a beacon light to you. Read the biographies of successful men and women to be guided for a better life.

Do not be mislead by the glories of wealth and money. ‘try to make yourself rich in character; honest dealings and ready to help others especially those in need. Being fearless even through the worst calamity is the jewel of the youth. Leave rest to God.

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