English Essay on “Look Before You Leap” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Look Before You Leap


We should always think twice before taking any decision in life. Think before you speak and look before you leap’ applies to men as well as nations. Pakistan’s attack on India was a leap.in the dark. She did not look before taking blind leap. She attacked India in order to capture Kashmir. But this blind leap cost her hundreds of lives and many square miles of her territory.

This applies to students also. Some students do not choose the right subjects in class XI most of the students take up science group without thought. They spend a lot of money and do not pass the senior secondary examination. I know the case of a boy who failed three times in the senior secondary examination. He had taken up science subjects. He was very weak in Mathematics and physics. At last he changed his subjects with the permission of the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. He took up History and Economics. He appeared in the examination and passed in second division.

My Uncle was an officer in a private firm. One of his friends advised him to leave service and become a businessman. My uncle accepted his advice without consulting any wise person. He had no taste for business. He opened up a shop in a Mall. He invested all his money. One year passed and he had to incur a loss of ten lac rupees. Another year passed and he became bankrupt. He repented for his folly. He came to my father who helped him to get a job in a private firm

It is clear from their examples that we must look before we keep.

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