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Waste Management

The proper disposal of waste (collection. transportation, disposal and recycle) generated by human population is called waste management. In olden days, the question of waste management didn’t arise. There were means to dispose off the waste, naturally, by digging a pit or burning the dry waste since the waste generated was bio-degradable.

Now, since, the waste generated is of different kinds we are forced to think of ways to manage it. Vegetable waste, old paper, cloth, dried leaves etc. constitute the organic waste which can be disposal off easily. But inorganic waste like, plastic bags, cans or containers, toys, glass bottles, electronic waste (the old parts of used electronic gadgets, mobile phones etc.) hospital waste (like used syringes & tubes) and industrial waste being non-degradable is causing difficulties. The enormous increase in use of plastic packets containers &bags (disposal variety) for convenience has resulted in more quantity of plastic waste in every place and we are now victims of our invention. These wastes are a threat to our environment and a problem being faced by all developing nations.

The government body is providing facility of collection of waste in every Panchayat, corporation and city though they too face the problem of `excess waste’. Another problem was ‘mix of organic & inorganic waste. Today, because of danger to our environment every state government is trying to implement door to door collection of waste separately by providing two containers at the collection point (be it a home or a shop).Also, awareness campaigns are being conducted to make people realize the dangers of mindless use of plastics or disposing off the waste thoughtlessly .Plastic bags are being banned in most of the states. Non- governmental organizations and self-help groups are also helping the government in disposing off the waste.

The waste is taken to landfills & from huge landfill where waste is dumped, non biodegradable waste is segregated and sent for recycling. In the landfills, which are usually located away from populated areas, like old quarries, the waste is buried, covered and sometimes, has a gas extraction system.

Another method of disposal is incineration or thermal treatment of waste or (burning).This is used for bio-medical waste. The recycling process of bio-degradable waste with help of microorganisms (composting) and vermiculite plants is popular. In case of electronic waste the parts arc separated, metals parts are incited and used again. Recycling of polythene, plastic parts of computer and mobiles is difficult and costly too.

Effective ways are first and foremost, the amount of waste generation must be reduced by using eco friendly materials like paper & cloth bags. Cooperating with the municipal service by following rules will be a good step.

Waste management is must; otherwise we will be exposed to more diseases, pollution of soil, air & water and also death of animals by swallowing plastics.

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