English Essay on “The Multi Tasking Women” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

The Multi Tasking Women

Woman- a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a home maker- these were the accepted traditional role of women all over the world. Education and awareness brought changes here too, though a little later than west

Over the years. young women have been determined to get educated and pursue their interests in the field o their choice than being just qualified for the marriage market. Exposure to education, the aim to achieve and the need to earn or make a career has added to the traditional role women. The new dimension added to role of a woman makes her a person with added responsibility and tasks. Thus, making her multi- tasking women daughter, a wife, daughter —in- law, an employee and mother- all rolled into one, a very different role from earlier accepted idea of women.

Earlier, even after being educated, women had the option of homemaker or being a dutiful housewife fulfilling the needs of every one at home food, clothes, clean home and so on. Today, women have to do all that, of course. with the help of machines plus manage her work at office or school. Women now are involved it more demanding job like managerial jobs, head of institutions, media, science & research where they have task to do. deadlines to meet & result to project. She has to be good home manager as well as good worker. maintaining a balance since both are important.

Science tells us that women by nature are capable of multi- tasking. They can juggle two to three works at a time. They cook, mad & listen to music at a time! So. most of the women are juggling their work, home and hobbies too. Whether it is at home or work, it is not simply responsibilities but the moods tantrums and attitudes of people she has to manage. Just like her male partners women have lot of pressure to handle these days. Because of multi-tasking abilities women are preferred in the jobs like teaching being secretaries, human resources manager. business manager and now we see them as entrepreneurs too.

A rural woman’s life though not as fast paced as an urban women is also filled with various tasks making her into to a multi- tasking women long back, even before, we used this term. She does all the house hold chores, helps her husband in the fields or with the pottery or even works in a cottage industry and takes care of children too. They even indulge in teaching embroidery. traditional painting and craft. Today this multi- tasking abilities of women is being appreciated by male members at work or home and they are learning to be supportive. By nature, or by the role, she plays in the society or because of need of time, women definitely are good jugglers.

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