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The Newspapers

Newspaper refers to any printed periodical work containing different news or comments on public news. In other words, newspaper means any material or document other than a book on which the words are printed. Newspaper is a paper that is printed daily or weekly.

The newspapers hold a vital place in bringing information to people about various events and occurrences in the country and around the world. A foreign event that takes place a day before is reported next day in the newspapers. Thus, due to newspapers we come to know about the developments in different parts of the world.

Newspaper is a print media, which plays important part in educating and entertaining the readers. It also helps them to participate in different affairs of the country. They have also help in cultural renaissance and social reformations.

Publishing the newspapers was the first revolution in information technology throughout the country. Much before the invention of radio and the television, the newspapers were an important source of giving information to people. However, the newspapers are printed in a press and are distributed the next day. Therefore, one can say that the newspapers and the books have a key role in spreading information among the masses.

Newspapers have contributed in arousing awareness among people. After the invention of press in India, different social reformers started different newspapers. Topics like financial and political problems faced by the country and the need for social reformation were discussed in the newspapers. These newspapers strongly condemned the rule of British government, caste discrimination, unjust policies and economic exploitation of poor. In 1881, Lokmanya Tilak and Gopal Ganesh Agarkar started newspapers called ‘Kesari’ and ‘Maratha’ in Marathi and English languages. These newspapers further contributed in creating social awakening among the Indians against the British rule.

Big, medium and small arc the three categories in which newspapers are classified. In India. newspapers are published in more than 100 languages. A daily newspaper called, The Times of India’ is one of the oldest and at the top of all newspapers in India. Some of the major news agencies in India are Press Information Bureau , Press Trust of India (PT1) and United News of India (UNI).

Today, The Times of India’, The Indian Express’, The Statesman’, The Patriot’, The Hindustan Times’ and other great newspapers have a leading role in the newspaper industry. Moreover, The New York Times’ of the USA, The Guardian’ of the U.K. and other newspapers have a great tradition.

Students should cultivate the habit of reading the newspapers to know the latest developments and progress in the social and political fields. However, newspapers can provide its service to those who are educated and intelligent enough to understand the language. There is freedom of press in democratic countries, as there is no censorship on newspaper except under unusual conditions. Moreover, people get aware of the current affairs in various spheres of life and problems existing in society.

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