Essay on “Should Students Be Given Homework!” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 9, 10 and 12 students.

Should Students Be Given Homework!

In recent years, many parents pay more attention over the education of their children. Some of them believe that students face many difficulties and stress during the process of learning and completing their daily homework. Thus, whether or not students should be given homework, is an important matter to discuss.

Many people think that schoolwork is not good for teenagers since it causes too many worries for students. Moreover, it takes a large amount of time. On the other hand, some absolutely believe that students will achieve great advantages by receiving homework. It helps them in grasping the knowledge firmly and becoming fully aware of the subject.

Many parents and students criticize the idea of giving homework at school because they worry that students are easily confused and do not have enough time to relax and perform other important activities. On the other hand, many students have a good understanding and high intelligence to manage themselves with time to obtain effortless learning. Moreover, they quickly learn many new things and feel interested in owning to that information. Such students may feel more confident and positive about their thoughts. Therefore, homework is essential for students’ good learning.

One of the main reasons that homework should be given is to attain knowledge accurately. Homework has an important role of consolidating the things that are taught during school hours. By revision or practicing at home, students increase their understanding over that particular subject. Moreover, besides grasping the basis firmly, students also strengthen their intelligence and apply their knowledge usefully in other things. For example, sometimes students are forced to find out information and increase their attainment to complete schoolwork without getting tired. Thus, homework definitely helps students.

Another main cause for giving schoolwork is making students more aware of their learning. Finishing homework helps them to become much more active in attaining knowledge. It is easier for them to grasp the information of new lessons. By grades, the sense of learning increases, which is extremely good to handle unexpected situation in life. Thus, homework not only becomes very beneficial but also very essential.

To conclude, it is often argued that homework is not good for students. However, at the same time, many strongly believe that giving homework in school brings out some crucial benefits for students.

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