English Essay on “Home Time Table – A Formula to Success” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Home Time Table – A Formula to Success

Time is precious. We must use time appropriately to attain success in life, because loss of time leads us to failure and ruins our life. Just take the example of a boy, who not even study for half an hour a day. This school boy is losing his precious time. When the time of exams would come he would not be able to do the papers well and thus would either fail in the exams or pass with third division. He would not be able to make a good career in life.

Studies are very important. Without them, a common man can’t rise in life. If you are extraordinarily good in sports, then you may make a career in sports but that too only if you are a sportsman of international level, otherwise you can’t make a mark in sports. If you area good painter, commercial artist or a classical dancer, then you must use your time in a way that you are able to practice the art or activity in which you are an excellent performer. It is important to make a home time-table. So that you are able to attain success in life by making the use of your precious time. Here are some suggestions to make a time-table that would grant abundant success and happiness to your life.

Give 10 minutes to God, talk to him with your eyes closed and ask him to shower his blessings upon you. The best time for a conversation with God is the early morning hours. Rise up in the morning and pray to Almighty God with full faith everyday. Don’t ever forget God and he shall never ignore you. You shall always get his love and protection for your whole life. 0 After coming from the school or college, take rest for an hour. For giving good rest to your entire body, lie down in the position of a dead man and thereafter close your eyes. After closing your eyes keep on concentrating on every part of the body from toe to head. This is an exercise that revives the lost energy of all your body parts and makes you active again.

Study with full concentration for at least one hour. Complete your homework and revise the things studied in the school. Revise them for at least three times after understanding them. If you have more time left after coming from school, then play games with your brothers, sisters or your friends. You may also practice the any educational game of your interest. With these suggestions, you would attain abundant success in life. Apply them and see for yourself.

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