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Plastic Surgery-A Shortcut to Beauty


Looks are deceptive but today’s world seems to say, ‘so what’, because people believe that looks matter and so if not naturally gifted with it one is ready to go under the knife.

In India, Sushrutha, the famous physician is known as the father of Indian surgery. He was an expert in the surgery of nose and malignant boils. He was known for reconstructive work (using skin grafts) as early as the 8* century BC.

Plastic surgery evolved as a specialty greatly during the 20th century in United States. Cosmetics surgery is a popular form of plastic surgery and in 2006, 11 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in US alone. In India too, this is done widely for beautification.

Plastic surgery was done earlier for purely medical reasons- to correct a birth deformity or burnt part of the body. Then it was more developed and extensively used in these fields for reconstructive surgeries, on victims of accidents and to remove the scan. It’s a blessing for such people since it gives their lives a new hope to lead a normal life.

The scene is slowly changing — plastic surgery is becoming a tool for looking good or beautiful — it’s a short cut to beauty, of course for a big price. There is ‘beauty even in imperfections’- only for a fraction of us. Majority of us believe and want perfection in appearance. One of the reasons of this need could be the nature of human attraction towards anything pleasant and beautiful.

Physical beauty seems to be overruling beauty of mind & soul. Of late, there is a lot of pressure on people to look good because of the beauty pageants and an overdose of that perfect looking people on T.V and films. Also, now people are aware of the different options available with help of internet. People who are in show business, like, models & actors go for cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks and lie their age. Prospective brides go through it to have better chances in the marriage market; young job hunting people, men& women opt for it to gain confidence and better their chances in their competitive job market. Mostly, its felt that in some jobs presentable looks are given importance apart from qualifications. It’s accepted fact that when there is an option. why not go for it and face the world with more confidence without worrying about a snub nose or a visible unpleasant scar/ mark on the face. Once the imperfection is corrected they feel good, beautiful and less self conscious. It is also done to tuck the stomach, reduce certain body parts or even lift (enhancements) and face lifts.

More or less all of us are born in this world with average beauty or looks but it’s a time when appearances and physical attributes are glorified. And plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes is the shortest and the quickest solution for people who are desperate.

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